Blogging Advice Needed

Dear fellow bloggers, I have a question and have had no success in pursuing an answer through the normal channels, so I thought who better to ask than those who use

Forgive my ignorance; I was not born in the technology era and the simplest of things can escape me.  That said, here’s my question:

Several of the blogs I follow say that new postings will appear in the Reader, but when I click on Reader I get the login screen.  When I enter my login info I get the sign up for a wordpress blog page.  What am I doing wrong?

th-1Thanks for your time, patience, and expertise.  (It’s taking a big risk to put myself out there and confess my ineptness, lol).

13 thoughts on “Blogging Advice Needed

      1. doesnt enter into it. im pretty sure you can ask a question on the forums (the one i linked to at, not .org) for free.

        this much is certain, however: if you have a account (you do, youre then isnt where you go for support. similar people, same wordpress software, different services, users and support.


      2. here is a thought. the thing that says “reader” (at the top) is just a link to <- the default page when you log in.

        so instead of clicking the link, open a new tab, type WORDPRESS.COM (lowercase, no www or http or anything) and hit enter. see what happens. if it works, youre all set. if it asks you to login, hmm…


  1. “new postings will appear in the Reader, but when I click on Reader I get the login screen. When I enter my login info I get the sign up for a wordpress blog page. What am I doing wrong?”

    hi, heres what a computer programmer and programming language author has to say about this:

    thats bizarre. i can certainly make a list of technical guesses about this, and so could you– our lists may even overlap a fair bit, ranging from the naive (including mine) to the hysterical.

    but since im a technical person, the first thing i would do is google it. (or use any other search engine you like.) i would try to see if anyone else is having this problem.

    most of the technical things you can do about this include going to the library to see if you have the same problem there (dont use this technique if youre having credit card trouble, i dont think putting your cc number into a library computer is a fantastic idea if you can help it.) or trying it on another computer, another network.

    once you have more information about the problem, that increases the odds of a productive search (it even helps anyone you can get to help you, whether online or in person.)

    what being technical means is building experience and vocabulary over time. youre doing it too: from describing the events around the issue, to talking about what you click on and what results. i havent encountered this issue, but if i had to guess i would say try it from another browser, for starters. you probably have internet explorer and maybe firefox; try it in the other one (unless you dont like ie. in that case, dont try it!)

    if this sounds like half an answer, it is. take some of the advice here (and also the compliments) and reply if you get more information. i could look this up for you, and i will if no one else steps in and you cant find it either. but to be honest, the skills you need right now arent much different than the ones you would need to follow an episode of columbo. if i had the answer, i would tell you. but for right now, the game is afoot!


    1. Thank you for responding. I have googled it, but did not think that it might be my browser (Firefox on Mac). I will give that a try and let you know.
      Switched to Safari – same problem, different look, lol.


      1. this is good, youve already ruled out that the issue is at the browser level (at least if it is, its very unlikely now.)

        i have now done a search, and im sorry to say it didnt yield anything. im looking for more info now, if only out of curiosity (also id love to help if possible.)

        one thing id like to understand, help me with my understanding of your situation:

        you try to log in, and it then takes you to the page where it allows you to register. obviously that isnt what should happen. however,

        * 1. is this an accurate summary of your problem?
        * 2. if so, how are you posting replies?

        my understanding of the issue affects how i search for more info. helping me answer 2 (if applicable) could be a giant clue. does trying to login more than once work? and what percentage (rough guess is fine) of the time?

        i cant promise results, i couldnt before. i hope these are good questions– i do like the wp platform, though for exactly this reason i think sometimes it is a little… convoluted. most “web 2.0” platforms are imo, not to single out wp.


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