7 Strategies for Political Success

Have been watching American politics lately – it’s a bit like coming across a train wreck and being unable to disengage – and have concluded that in order to be a successful politician, the following tactics are crucial:

  1. Run your campaign like a reality TV show.  Put entertainment first and your audience will be sure to forget that this is a national election and the issues are real.th-6                            (nbcnews.com) Accompanied by “We Are The Champions.”
  2.   State that education is an important value in your platform and then throw in mindless slogans that appeal to the basest of emotions and override intellectual thought processes.th-8                                              (businessinsider.com)

3.  Base your platform on keeping the country safe while inciting hatred and riots at all appearances.  Be sure to emphasize that the extra police presence needed is viewed as evidence of the need for your leadership and not a result of your off-the-cuff rhetoric.th-2

4.  Use fear-mongering, and scapegoating to mask the fact that you have no actual actions plans to deal with issues close to home.  th-6                                                      (www.cnn.com)

5.  Create a bully persona that will make the public believe that you are the ‘man’ for the job, and forget that this is a democratic system and once elected, you will be subject to democratic procedures (unless, of course, you plan to overthrow the status quo and declare a dictatorship.)th-5

6.  Whenever possible, plagiarise – you are after all a busy person, with a ‘uge agenda, and the people will apparently forgive any and all indiscretion.th-5                                                     (www.cnn.com)

7.  Employ repetition – it doesn’t matter what you say, just keep repeating it, the louder the better, and the public will eat it up.


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