Dreaming of Book Exchanges

I’ve lived an eclectic life – dabbled in many careers, moved often, married three times – been more of a follow-the-tides type person than a focused goal-setter.th-1

The dreams I had as a child were shattered by the nonsense that was my family of origin, and the ensuing drama that followed me into adulthood.  I did manage to salvage one of those lost goals and become a teacher at the age of 48 (perhaps a bit too late).

I am not suggesting for a moment that my life has been boring, or unproductive – just different.

At one point in my journey, I owned a bookstore (and later two), fulfilling a passionate love.  Imagine being surrounded 24/7 by boundless bundles of literary works, meeting the authors who penned them, and receiving countless pre-published copies to entice purchases.  I was in heaven.  Well, at least intellectually  – financially, I was floundering.

What I miss the most is the opportunity to discuss literature with other passionate souls.  I yearned to know what enthralled other readers and took great delight in ordering books that I thought might appeal to certain customers.  I felt like a matchmaker – matching readers with a volume I was sure would bring them pleasure.

I had resigned myself to believing that aspect of my life was all in the past, until I read about the Little Free Libraries:


Now possibilities are bubbling up – I can picture a lovely little book house perched beside a whimsically decorated bench at the front of our house, where book lovers of all ages can come to perch, borrow a book, or leave a book, and the hive of wildlife activity that amuses me from the backyard window will be matched by a flurry (or trickling) of delighted readers out front.  Our busy little street would be an excellent spot for such a treasure.

Now, I just need to lure my husband back into the workshop.  Next career for me Library custodian?


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Writer, avid reader, former educator, and proud grandmother, currently experiencing life through the lens of ME/CFS. Words are, and always have been, a lifeline. Some of the best adventures, I'm discovering, take place in the imagination.

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