I Can Only Hope

I understand the need for political change – here in Canada it represented a landslide win for a young, politically inspired, English teacher with “great hair” as all the election attack ads reminded us in hopes of discrediting him.

I get that Hilary has a less than spectacular track record tainted by rumours of corruption. At least she has political experience and the know-how to work with the democratic system, but that has no relevance now.

What I don’t understand is how a nation can overlook the words and actions of a man who would be king, whose track record has consistently demonstrated self-serving tendencies, who is so far removed from the issues of everyday life, despite his rhetoric (he lives in golden splendour), and who came to power on the wings of hate.

I can only hope that this result, like a pimple that has festered under the surface, will explode, extracting its ugly venom, so that the my neighbouring country will be able to heal the core issues and rid itself of the poison within.



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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

7 thoughts on “I Can Only Hope

  1. i didnt like anyone that had a chance of winning (unless you count bernie.) hillary and trump were nightmare candidates. as for a female candidate, either oprah (not a serious choice) or jill stein (a serious, but not electable choice) wouldve been 100x better. id be even happier with jill stein than bernie. she got 1%.

    theres not a lot to like about trump– the fact that he ran and stayed in was surreal, and the fact that he was elected is one of the craziest things that has happened in the history of this nation– bearing in mind that we killed off most of the people that lived here, and also (like the uk and portugual and even today, brazil and india and thailand) practiced slavery, which is a nightmare and an eternal shame.

    that being said, our media wasnt in any way reasonable, nor honest. it made very big deals of relatively small (and very old) issues, and it made very small deals of very recent and very serious (life and death) things.

    corruption isnt even the word– trump has promised to do many unconstitutional things that obama and clinton have already done. im not a party guy. im an issues guy. the issues that face us– and our interaction with the world– are going to be deeply troublesome no matter which of these circus clowns got in. image is worthless when you have a voting record that demonstrates corruption and a betrayal of the oath that senators and congress take. trump has promised (in campaign rhetoric, which is rarely entirely honest, you know?) to violate the constitution. hillary actually has already. trumps stupid wall, hillary voted for in 2006. illegal wars, damage to the economy– i was 100% certain she would get in anyway, but there was no chance of a good president this term.

    i never thought bernie had a real chance, and it proves the younger generation knows something at least, when they supported him. it was the mainstream candidate– for once– that divided the “progressive” vote and cost the left the election, in my opinion. well, thats not bernies fault. its people who wanted the status quo, no matter how mediocre or insufficient. best of luck to us and our neighbors– we are going to need it. be well. remember, we are based heavily on the british system. the queen and the president (technically) have a ton of power, but you still miss most of the show if you focus on them. thats going to happen for 4 years at least. mind the politics, not the faces on them. i realize that politically, he is still a nightmare. though even some of that is probably manufactured.


    1. I agree with you – there were so many factors here to cause grief – which I mention in my other blog’s post – but what struck me with such fear is that his attacks were very personal (survivor of rape, and sexual assaults, family members who are LGBQT, Muslim, and of mixed ethnicity). Even though we are next door, what happens in the US directly affects us. Then there were all the protesters out last night – what happens next. I pray for a peaceful solution. Maybe it is time to question the process and rebuild the machine?

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      1. questioning the process is the real lack here. all democracies fall, but if theres any chance of getting another century out of this one then we have to use the constitution to make voting work again.

        the problem wasnt the general election, the problem is that by the time that happens, all candidates with real odds are narrowed down to people that were able to buy their way in. this is usually true because of campaign contributions from lobbyists that used to be illegal– laws changed over the past few decades to open the floodgates on these. either way, the thing has fallen apart. the election was already a disaster 6 months ago; this is the outcome. it needs repair to not be a joke.


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