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th-1Steven Avery became a household name last Christmas with the release of the Netflix documentary, The Making of A Murderer.  I know everyone in my family was hooked, and the discussions were lively.   Avery, just released from prison for a wrongful charge, finds himself a prime suspect in another sexual assault and murder case.  His defense and the film makers cry setup, and the justice system is tipped upside down.

Prosecutor Micheal Griesbach (not involved in the second case against Avery) had watched the news reports surrounding Teresa Halbach’s disappearance and the subsequent arrest of  Avery and assumed the police department got it right.  That is until he viewed  The Making of a Murderer, and found himself questioning along millions of other viewers.

Indefensible follows Griesbach’s investigation into what really did happen to Teresa Halbach, the young woman who went missing shortly after arriving at the Avery compound to photograph a vehicle for sale.  He goes behind the scenes and reexamines the evidence, drawing comparisons to the documentary.

As someone who likes to know the truth behind the production, I appreciate Griesbach’s step-by-step consideration of the case.

Indefensible is more than an account of a murder; it is a commentary on the power of the media, and a “world where the line between reality and entertainment is fading fast…” as quoted from the author.


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Writer, avid reader, former educator, and proud grandmother, currently experiencing life through the lens of ME/CFS. Words are, and always have been, a lifeline. Some of the best adventures, I'm discovering, take place in the imagination.

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