Art: Still Learning

In art class, we are given carbon copies of the images to paint which is helpful for developing techniques, but I want my art, like my poetry, to be original, so even though I am a novice I have been working from photographs.

preening.jpgIn my last post about painting with watercolours, I showed my first attempt at painting on my own.  I had titled the photo “Preening”, and thought that the simple lines of the duck would make him a perfect subject.  My error was in trying to recreate the photograph instead of using it as a starting point.  The finished product was unsatisfactory, as the left hand side of the painting was too busy.


My next attempt was to recreate this scene of the bunny in the light of the setting sun.  Sketching the bunny was easy as the lines are simple enough, but I got caught up in the details of the background and the bush in the forefront all of which did not translate well in the final product.

rabbitpaintingSo, I started again, leaving out the bush in front and concentrating on the bunny, leaving the background to the audience’s imagination.  I was pleased with the outcome of this painting, although the colours are subtle.  I think this picture is worth revisiting – pretty sure the grandchildren would like this one.

I learn as I go.  I tried a series of water birds, concentrating on adding more colour.  Some worked, some offered a lesson in how to proceed next time.  Then I shifted my focus to mountains, and while I loved working with the shadows and blending colours of the rock, the final image revealed a woman’s naked back and butt cheeks (I won’t subject you to the image).  So that piece is now my colour tester.

birdnwaterMore than anything, I am loving the process.  It is calming to work with colour.  To watch the painting take form is pleasurable.  I have a sense of accomplishment at the end of it all – something that does not happen as often since I became ill.

My latest attempt was inspired by this sweet pic I took at a nearby park.  The female grackle is having such a good time perched at the top of the little waterfall that I couldn’t resist.  I was pleased with how the photo turned out and equally pleased with how the image translated in watercolour.

ParkartArt, for me, continues to instruct life:

Keep it simple.
Let go of perfectionism.
Love the process.

Hope you have a full and creative day!



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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

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