Snapdragons (Flower of the Day)

I hear my father’s voice scolding, remember the childlike fascination of flowery mouths – snapdragons – a constant presence in our familial gardens.

(Cee’s Flower of the Day)

12 thoughts on “Snapdragons (Flower of the Day)

  1. These are special to me because they are the first flowers I had success planting in some front planters – our first home was owned formerly by s master Gardener, Ruth, and I wish she had left garden details about what was where – but it was a surprise to see and well – her love for roses was not shared by me and half the bushes died before I figured out what to do – (annoying because I was also a new mom etc) and so the pots on the porch were the truly fun part – and snapdragons were the special flower that was easy and made me feel
    Some success (and my toddler loved the name)

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    1. Funny how flowers can mean so much to us. My father always grew them. He was a master gardener too and typically we were not allowed near his gardens, but I always loved snapdragons. Bet you discovered a whole array of things.

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      1. I sure did discover (2007) and then for about eight years I had garden fun but now only keep some container veggies and herbs – and basic floral perennials and annuals
        I will maybe tinker more in gardening way later – or not – but my interests are totally elsewhere – what about you ? Did you have a gardening season or tinker even now ?

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      2. I suffered severe allergies since childhood – flowers being amongst the culprits. So, I’ve never been much of a gardener. Love them though. I joined this challenge to I can start to learn about them.

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