If Not For The Stairs

I could live by the ocean,
if not for the stairs…

or linger amongst ancient ruins,
although climbing, I daren’t…

and seaside dining is best, I agree,
if not for those lofty flights

The only up these legs can do
is resting on the sofa most nights.

(Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is stairs or steps. I added a fun rhyme to go with my pics.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

14 thoughts on “If Not For The Stairs

      1. Not exactly “fit” here–50 lbs overweight, and I’m pretty sedentary. BUT, I do have to use my stairs…laundry day means about 4 trips…and I walk to Safeway for groceries, unless my neighbor offers a ride. So I do get some enforced physical exercise, which I’m most grateful for–but it’s not really enough, I know. Oh, and there’s my periodic madness–rearranging furniture 🙂 I’ve really let myself go, as they say…Depression can do that. And it’s hard to get back to where I was 20 yrs ago 🙂

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      2. I totally agree. It’s a good thing I’m not trying to go on those Internet dating sites… but Mr P-I wouldn’t approve, says it’s not safe 🙂

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      3. Really?!! I know that somebody must have success that way…but I watch too many true-crime shows featuring women (mostly) who meet someone online, marry…and end up dead. I’m so glad you’ve got Ric–he sounds like a truly wonderful man…and I don’t believe there are many out there (the cynic speaks).

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      4. I’m kind of a true-crime addict…not healthy 🙂 But it allows me to justify my recluse status 🙂 I watched a great one yesterday…the murderer had foolishly taught his parrot to say “robber”…but the detective was convinced it was saying “Robert”, which was the perp’s name–and they put together a case that won a conviction. It was funny, though, as they feared the judge would laugh them out of court if they announced the witness was a bird 🙂

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      5. I’m an addict too. My husband swears that I’m gathering material for when I want to get rid of him, but he watches all the cop dramas so I could say the same. Haven’t seen the parrot one. Sounds like a hoot, lol.


      6. Oh gosh, we’d have so much fun watching together! There’s one true-crime series here with a really interesting former lieutenant–and I gather he’s got quite a following now, from some of the commercials. In one, there are 2 gals–longtime friends–who watch together…they’re hilarious–and they say the same thing, that their husbands sleep with one eye open, lest they get whacked in the night by these addicted wives. But then they laugh and say “it’s all in fun”. Wonder how many spouse victims said the same thing before they met the Grim Reaper… 🙂 There are some programs I have to pass on, though–when the motive is domestic violence, I can only handle a little of that before it starts triggering memories. It also seems that they keep repackaging the same cases in each new series that comes out. I prefer the ones that are more documentary than true-drama–it’s upsetting to see victims/families crying as they detail everything that happened.

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