It began with a dream – I was selling my images and poetry on giftware. When I shared the dream with my husband, he added that he could include his photographs. It was a plan, but we had no idea how to start. Then a daughter told us about Society6.

Society6 supports artists by offering giftware, apparel, home decor, tech accessories, and even furniture on which artists can apply their creativity. So we created a store: KnutsonKreations.

We have since partnered with in order to optimize our offerings. Redbubble also has worldwide shipping, free returns, and sets prices in your currency for convenience. Visit us there at KnutsonKr8tions. is the latest addition to our online offerings. Look for us at KnutsonKreations.

Adding to My Gift List

For the Bird Lover

Who doesn’t like birds!

Our sites include many species,
both photographs and art.

Click on the link below the image
or see the whole collection
through the links above.

For my sailboating brother-in-law, a light weight hoodie
makes the perfect gift.

Hoodies come in light and regular weight, from toddlers to men’s sizes.

Images can be mounted front or back, and hoodie colour is changeable.

Dreamy Sailboat #findyourthing

For Mom:

A colourful scarf to compliment her wardrobe. Our site has many designs to choose from.

Might have to borrow this one.

Shades of Love #findyourthing

Gift Shopping for the men in my life.

Travel mugs are always a hit with the men in my life, whether its for the commute, or tagging along after the kids.

“Unavailable” from Society6

“This is Just Nuts”

Cruising The Country Roads from Redbubble

Ric has ordered coffee mugs from each of the sites, and loves that he can sip his coffee each morning with his favourite images. Here’s a few I’m thinking of for our adult boys: (click just below image for link)

Acrylic Trays is another gift idea, for desks or dressers to keep things organized. (Click on description for link.)

Summer and the Outdoors at Society6

Society6 has added some new products to its old favourites. Here is a sneak peak of what is available:

Check out some of our new designs at Redbubble:

Quality Control

The only way to ensure quality is to observe first-hand the finished product. So with the help of family members, we’ve ordered a variety of products. The results have been overall positive, and where we were not happy with the final product, we have made changes.

Popped Field of Daisies Design

I’ve written about the carry-all pouches in an earlier post (scroll down), but wanted to include this one as the colours are spectacular. My daughter ordered this in a medium for her makeup. She loves it. We’ve included the Popped Field of Daisies designs on both Society6 and Redbubble.

A medium 9.5″ x 6″ pouch costs $19.99 (USD) at Society6.

A medium “studio pouch” at Redbubble is 19.97 Canadian.

Both sites also offer home decor options, such as this clock. The same daughter ordered this clock in the Tree Bark design and chose a white frame with black hands. Both sites allow you to customize choices.

The Tree Bark clock is available at Redbubble for 39.96 (CAD)

She bought her clock through Society6 on sale. Regular price is $31.99 (USD).

Another daughter ordered a throw pillow in the Serenity Sunset motif. We’re really pleased with how vibrant the colour turned out. She purchased this item from Society6 (also on sale). Regular price for a small (16″ x 16″) pillow is $29.99. (USD)

At Redbubble, a throw pillow (40 cm x 40 cm) is $27.75 (CAD) For some reason my husband gave the same design a different name on this site. He called it: The serene after sunset sky on Lake Huron.

Carry-all Pouches (Society6)

“You’re obsessed with that pouch, aren’t you?”


I cannot lie; I love this pouch! It holds my set of thirty-six watercolour pencils, and my tubes of paints, plus it has three inside pockets for bits and pieces. It’s made of sturdy material, has a solid zipper, and bears one of my favourite images and haikus. What’s not to love?


The carry-all pouches come in three sizes, or in sets of three sizes. I bought the large size.

(*Note: Images may vary on different sizes. Be sure to verify that the size you’ve selected is satisfactory.)

Mugs and Inspiration (Society6)

The inspiration for much of our work comes from our travels. Ric is the more avid photographer and so far our best sellers have been items depicting his favourite photographs…and coffee mugs.

Caribbean Waves was taken off the coast of Granada. This photograph is unaltered – the water is that blue! Of course, Ric has his own mug with this image – a favourite!

Serenity Sunset is our most popular design. The soft, yet vibrant colours of the setting sun soothes. Taken off the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, this photo depicts the Swedish Archipelago at day’s end.

Of course, all of our designs are offered on more than one product, so you can mix and match, creating your own unique gift.



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