RV-Able: Down Time

th-2Hubby and I just woke up after a twelve hour sleep.  Unheard of for him, a blessing for me.  Both of us were beyond tired yesterday.

The weather here is only five degrees celsius, so we slept with our mattress heaters on and hunkered in under the covers. Cozy.

This place we are staying is for ages 55+, so basically a retirement community.  The majority of people go to bed early and wake up with the sun.  Totally unregimented, we do as we please, but then keeping up with the locals becomes a problem.  There is literally something to do here, all day, every day.  Activities start at 8 am and go through to 9 pm or later.  Of course, we don’t participate in everything, but we try to do some.

Mondays is our birding meeting from 1-2.  Tuesday is my painting class from 9:30 – noon.  Wednesday is Camera Club at 3 and then cards at 7 pm.  Thursdays, I am usually crashed, so it’s a good day for Ric to do groceries, or get the washing done.  Friday, the birding group ventures outside the area in their quest to sight more birds.  Saturday is cards again, and Sunday – it’s usually another crash day.

th-3At home, we might have one or two social commitments a week, and that was enough.  I fear I’m stretching myself too much.  Knowing how much is too much is touchy with ME/CFS.  I don’t want to slide backwards.

So today, I’ll stay hunkered in against the cold, and lay low.

(Today’s prompt for The Daily Post is cozy.)