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RV-Able: Today’s Chuckles

It was finger numbing cold out this morning as we were packing up to leave Falcon Lake.  I came in from helping Ric hook up the tow vehicle to find that I’d missed a call from my mother. Mom is ninety-one and usually waits for me to call her, so […]

On the Anniversary of Your Death

I write to you often.  Does earthly mail even translate into the afterlife, I wonder.  The distance between us, I find, only leaves me with more questions.  Perhaps this is the byproduct of objectivity. It’s been twelve years, Dad, and so many things have changed, and yet, still the after […]

Candid Beauty

I took this candid photo of my daughter-in-law on the night of her wedding celebration – just a quick image with my Iphone.  I feel like it captures her sweetness and genuine beauty. (Photo prompt from The Daily Post:  2107 Favourite)

Just Tell Me I’m Not Cute

Never understood it when Dad called me cheeky as a kid, although I always recognized a tone of approval.   Then I saw it in my own children: that look of sheer defiance that melted my heart every time. This photo of our youngest granddaughter exemplifies the epitome of cheekiness, don’t […]

Televised Sports and Tantrums

What is unresolved in childhood resurfaces in adult relationships; it rears its head with all the finesse and grace of a child throwing a tantrum. I am guilty of such behaviour. Movie nights with Mom happened once a week.  Dad would be at work, and Mom would make a big […]

“Defending Jacob”: Review

Jacob is a typical, somewhat difficult teenager, according to his father, but when a classmate of Jacob’s is found dead, Andy Barber is forced to take a closer look at his son’s behaviour and determine if he could be housing a killer. William Landay’s suspense novel is told through the […]

RV-Able: The Fear Factor

“Don’t you get scared?” Yes and no, I think.  Many things frighten me:  a decline in my health, the loss of my spouse, something happening to one of my family members while I’m so far away from home.   This is not what my mother is referring to, though.  At 90, […]

Five Year Review

November 16, 2012, I penned: Cancer, it turns out, it is a powerful proponent of simplicity. Faced with uncertainty, one is forced to examine the complexities of life and cull. Our lives are reduced to three priorities: – Making healthy choices – Caring for relationships – Reducing financial burden. Necessity […]

Dancing In Heaven

“I’m in trouble!”  My sister’s voice was weak but charged with panic.  “Help me!” “What have you done?” She’d locked us all out of her apartment that weekend; said she was tired of being sick, tired of people hovering over her.  She wanted to be independent. Reluctantly, we gave her […]