Several years ago, I gave myself the gift of a blog (One Woman’s Quest) as a promise to make my writing more public.  Although writing, and the process of writing, has long been an interest of mine, I have primarily kept it personal, with a few exceptions:

  • In the eighth grade, at the age of twelve, I convinced my English teacher to allow me to write a novel in place of attending regular classes.  I received an A++ for my efforts, although I burned the creation immediately after evaluation due to the amount of bullying I received throughout the process.
  • At the same time, I had a regular poetry column in a community newspaper.
  • In the late ’80s I wrote a column for a business newsletter – mostly just thoughts on current issues.
  • I also wrote an advice column for a community paper relating to dream interpretation.
  • Throughout my career, I have found myself involved in writing employment manuals (corporate) and later, educational papers, and lesson plans.

From the age of seven, I have kept a journal – boxes now – as a way of connecting to my inner self, and processing life events.  As you, dear reader, will know, life events never stop presenting themselves, and thus, my need for writing continues.

Since 1986, having been introduced to the concept of dream work through a course at King’s College (London, Ontario), I have continued to record and study dreams.  For twenty years, I was involved with facilitating dream study groups, and am still asked for insight from time to time, although I remain, forever, the student and not the expert on this subject.  The images and metaphors of my nightly forays fuel much of the inspiration for my poetry.

I have also been working – for more years that I care to admit – on a novel based on my life history.  It is a tale that, in my biased opinion, merits telling.  You’ll have to trust me on that.  

Enough said.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  If you have not checked out the original, please do.  It’s linked here:   One Woman’s Quest

Cheers!  Look forward to sharing. 


P.S.  To contact me further please write to me @  1womansquest@gmail.com