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RV-Able: Magic of Sedona

For some reason, I associate Sedona with healing, although I cannot bring to mind any particular legend.  Driving through the town, there are numerous crystal, psychic, and other New Age shops, which suggests my suspicions are true. “There are four vortexes…” our Pink Jeep tour guide starts to tell me. […]

RV-Able: The Pink Jeep

“The one thing you have to do, if you go to Sedona, is take a Pink Jeep tour,” a friend told us, so I looked it up. “I don’t know,” I told Ric. “This looks pretty intimidating.” “Well, it’s up to you.” The Broken Arrow tour, Pink Adventure’s most popular […]

RV-Able: First Glance, Sedona

Driving into Sedona, it is impossible not to get excited – the red of the mountains and the earth are startling.  We stop at the first available parking area, cameras snapping. “We’re going up there, tomorrow!” Ric indicates one of the mountains. From a distance the mountains appear so formidable, […]

RV-Able: Where It All Began

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a disease which affects all systems in the body and landed me in bed, barely able to complete the simplest of tasks.  Fast forward two years later, and my problem-solving husband is looking for a way to give me some life […]

Feathered Follies

Sometimes, birds just need words.  Here’s a few to lighten your day.  Feel free to inject your own funnies in the comments:  “He’s coming!  Quick, duck!” “Do you think we should call for help?” “Do you mind!  I’m doing my business here.” Have a good day, all!

What Was Lurking In the Bathroom

Well, okay, maybe lurking is too sinister a word, but truly the situation was both exciting and disconcerting.  I’d heard rumours as we passed others on the trail; it was all the talk of Water Ranch the day we there.  Something was in the women’s washroom. Now the Riparian Preserve […]

RV-Able: Water Ranch

I promised myself that this time I wouldn’t just take pictures of birds.  The Water Ranch at Gilbert is so beautifully laid out with seven ponds surrounded by walkways and lush foliage, that I thought the groundskeepers should be honoured too, but when we arrived, having parked in the library […]

Writing “Brush Strokes”

Writing fiction is a stretch for me.  I have experience with technical and instructional writing, poetry, and memoir, but seldom do I venture into the realm of fiction. So, when I signed up for an online writing class, I decided this would be my opportunity to take a risk. (The […]

Brush Strokes (Fiction)

The brush felt awkward in Kate’s hand and she could feel her frustration mounting. The last time she had painted had been the twin’s room more than a year ago and that was because the boys had outgrown the pastels of the nursery. Now, here she sat, legs crossed on […]

RV-Able: Feathered Friends

“Birding won’t be the same in Arizona,” Ric warned me as we pulled away from Texas. He’s right in the sense that we don’t have experts to turn to, but there just as many interesting and diverse species to be seen.  Our first morning here, I awoke to what sounded […]