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RV-Able: Salineno

Just down the road from Falcon State Park, on Hwy 83, there is a sign for Salineno, and another announcing “World Birding Sight”.  The road passes by a few houses, pastures, and then comes to an old town center, which in interesting in itself.  Continuing on, the road squeezes between […]

RV-Able: A State Park First

Leaving behind a five-star RV resort with all the amenities, we have moved to a state park on the other end of the Rio Grande:  Falcon Lake. We chose Falcon Lake because: a) we were so impressed with Estero, and b) we heard there is good birding here.  Only a […]

RV-Able: Jay Invasion

Our time on the Rio Grande is winding down, as is my energy, so we decided our last outing would be a mini-bus tour originating at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge touring the Bahia Grande unit. We had visited Atascosa the week before, but it was too cold, and my legs […]

Life Tests and Lessons

Going over old blog posts, I came across one from March of 2015 in which I considered the lessons or tests that ME/CFS made me face and how I was faring.  Since these challenges are not exclusive to my disease, I thought I might share them here, hopefully to inspire […]

RV-Able: South Padre Island

Our first visit to South Padre was windy and cold – 4 degrees celsius.  I stepped out of the car to photograph the ocean and soon popped back into the warmth.   Our winter coats were safely packed and stored under the bus, as we lovingly call our motor home. So […]

RV-Able: Boca Chica II

Boca Chica is a an expanse of sandy beach where the Gulf meets the Rio Grande, and Texas meets Mexico.  It is the last stop, past the border guard post, and is a protected natural area.  Apart from a few fishermen, we were the only ones on the beach. By […]

RV-Able: Boca Chica, Tx, Part I

Armed with our passports, cameras, binoculars, and travel mugs, we headed to wall country, piloted by seasoned birders who graciously offered to show us around. “Have you been to Boca Chica?”  our host asked. “No, but it’s on my list,” Ric responded. So we set off, the early morning sky […]