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Curiosity is the Mind of a Child

“Grandma, you are just like my mom!” We are snuggled in against the cold night air, having a sleep over. “Well, I am your mom’s Mom.” “Yeah,” she says hugging me tighter, “she’s your kid!” At five, Sloane likes to explore connections, turning things over, understanding things from different angles.  […]

A 5-year-old Muses

“Grandma, do you drive?” “No, Love, not right now.?” “But you can drive, right?  Do you have a license…actually, what is a license?” “It’s a little piece of paper that says you’ve passed your driving test.” We’re snuggled into bed for the night, the second of a two-night sleepover.  She […]

Do Grandchildren Prolong Life?

A recent Facebook post suggested that babysitting contributes to prolonged life for grandparents.  Given how exhausted I am after spending time with my granddaughters, I find that hard to believe, and yet… there is an undeniable glow that lingers for days every time I am exposed to those precious little […]

On Acceptance and Illness

“Grandma, when will you be better?” It is 5:00 on a school morning, and I am sitting at my granddaughter’s bedside nursing her through a sore tummy. “Not sure, Honey.” “Oh,” she shrugs.  She is four and has never known me any other way. Later, we snuggle up and watch […]

Yellow Swirls of Love

Wearing a bright yellow taffeta dress, a sash of satin ribbons at the waist and flowing with swirling layers, my granddaughter arrives for the movie.  We’ve been trying to get in to see Beauty and the Beast for weeks now and finally secured tickets.  “Well look at you!” I exclaim, […]

Baatis and Chinese Food

“These Christmases never cease to amaze me and make me feel so special!!” messaged our daughter-in-law after this year’s family get together. With five adult children, their partners, grandchildren, and exes to work around, finding time to get together is always a challenge.  Plus, just how many turkey dinners can […]

Media: A Child’s Perpective

“Can we watch something?”  My four-year-old granddaughter climbs onto the bed and snuggles in.  It’s been a routine we’ve shared as long as I’ve been ill. The question makes her parents cringe; they are trying hard to raise their child without excessive screen time.  Cable TV does not exist in […]

Tired of Waiting

I’ve been making a conscientious effort to break free from the unhealthy patterns that hold me back in life:  an overly inflated sense of responsibility/martyr complex, lack of personal boundaries, and little self worth. While change is never easy, especially when it involves looking at one’s self objectively, the awareness has […]

The Risks of Playing in Traffic

Go play in traffic, kids! was a favourite direction of one of my aunt’s.  This particular aunt was snarly, often critical, and never filtered in her commentary on life.  Her favourite point of contention was how spoiled we children were, how unappreciative, etc.  She also frequently threatened to move to Alaska to […]