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RV-Able: Don’t Back Up!

The English language is full of expressions that have more than one application.   To back up – along with its many forms – is one of them.  For example, as in my last post, backed up is a euphemism for excrement that is not following the protocols of natural processing […]


Cognitive functioning is currently down a notch.  (I know I’ve complained of this before, but bear with me – I think it merits understanding.) I found a recipe for Easy Lentil Curry on the blog:  Simple Vegan.  Since I love curries and lentils, I decided “easy” must mean it is […]

Inner Voice of Autism

Just finished listening to “Carly’s Voice” by Arthur Fleischmann with his daughter, Carly.  Carly, unlike her twin sister, did not develop normally, and after a barrage of tests and consultations was determined to be developmentally delayed and mentally challenged – autistic, non verbal. Having stumbled across ABA, Carly’s parents hired […]

Educational Walls

I have this recurring dream that I am teaching a class, composed of adults and adolescents, which is spread out over three rooms.  Try as I might to build community through ice breaking activities, it is physically impossible to reach all the students at one time. I am reminded of […]

“Best Boy” Heartwarming

Despite my need to regulate how much time I spend listening to audiobooks (my mind balks at overstimulation), I could not tear myself away from Best Boy, by Eli Gottlieb.  Bronson Pinchot lends his voice to the audio version, skillfully imitating the stilted speech of someone who struggles with semantics. […]

Handicapped Attitudes

I’ve aspired to many things in my life, however; being an obstacle wasn’t one of them. And yet, here I am, the woman with wheels, slowing down the flow of traffic.  (What’s the opposite of bionic?)  I always try to pack my sense of humour when I venture out, knowing […]