Bath Time

Managed to catch bath time at the falls, Canada Goose style.

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #105: Quotation

Deborah, from AWISEWOMANSJOURNEY, offers daily inspiration, and one particular quotation struck me last week. I’m sharing it with you here as a focal point for the upcoming week:

Strive to be uncynical, to be a hope-giving force, to be a steward of substance.

Maria Popova

Your response may use one, or none of the words. Reflecting on the message, create a post and then link back here. Be as creative as you like.

Looking forward to your participation.

Pages Not Turning Yet

The last pages of my life’s narrative seem to have stuck together, locking me into this current lull. Is it the heat? The body’s response to stress, albeit positive? My mind’s ambition butting up against physical limitation? Likely a bit of each.

We’ve already written the opening paragraph for the next chapter: purchased a new home, sold our current one. Ric’s been busy arranging the transfer of services, engaging a painter, plumber, and electrician. By the end of August, we should be comfortably settled in.

Meanwhile, I’ve packed all I can for the moment, and while I know I should be resting for the next wave of momentum, I am feeling mired in the mud of emotions and psychological muck. Non of it rational, all of it debilitating.

The next chapter will unfold as it will; we’ve already set the framework. Meantime, taking care of self has become the priority.

Today, I will not fight the stuck places. Instead, I’ll surrender to each moment, remember to breathe, and be mindful of the choices I make.


Thank you to all who participated this week, each bringing your own brilliance to the theme: next chapter.

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See you tomorrow for a new challenge!

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #104: Next Chapter

Sold! Next!

Picture me surrounded by packing materials and boxes – I’ll be busy the next few weeks preparing for the move. Preparing for the next chapter.

Some of life changes are abrupt, unexpected, and some, like our upcoming house move, are planned out. Either way, change is a given.

The focus this week is: next chapter. The implications may be personal, or strike a broader chord.

To participate, create a post and link back here, or drop a thought in the comments.

Look forward to your responses.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

What a week. Within days of listing, we had several house showings. The fourth couple through showed interest. They had one other house to view the next day.

“There should be an offer coming tomorrow,” the realtor advised us. She called the next morning to say she’d be by at 5:00 for us to sign. The offer was a good one.

4:00 p.m. we get another call. “The sale is off. Family emergency.”

So we continue to vacate the house for others to come through, trying hard to let go of the disappointment.

Meanwhile, every morning I wake up from sleep with the same song running through my mind:

My guardian angel must be Rastafarian. Anyway, I appreciate the good vibes. So at the moment, this is my theme song.

I also appreciate the array of tunes shared this week. The music has carried me through.

Found My Mojo – I Write Her
Business As Usual – Sgeoil
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden – Heart to Heart
Rock On – Eugi’s Causerie II
Our Song – michnavs
Theme Song – Stuff and what if…
MMA Storytime’s Theme Song
Many Songs – parallax
You Just Might Find, one letter UP
Theme Song – chosenperspectives
Keith added in the comments: Danny’s Song and Rainy Day People.

Thanks again and see you tomorrow for a new challenge.