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Two years ago, I was barely able to get out of bed.  Two years ago, I wondered if life would ever get better, or if I was doomed to a future of isolation and deprivation.  Words were the weapon I employed to battle my way out of the kind of […]

The ‘C’ Word

“I sat in the waiting room, naked from the waist up save for the hospital green awkwardly tied in front.  This was a call back: not the kind you pray for after an audition. “In nine out of ten times, it’s nothing,” the voice had said over the phone.  She […]

RV-Able: For The Birds

It’s been abnormally cold in Texas, and so we’ve devoted a few days to finishing up the interior painting we started last summer.  (Yes, procrastination defines us.)  Yesterday, the temperatures were back up in the double digits, so we set out on the golf cart and toured the property looking […]

Not Quite

His name was Almost, but we called him “Not Quite”.  He was tall, all awkward elbows and knees, as only a sixteen-year-old can be.  Wore his hair neatly cut, unlike many of that time.  He had dark, brooding eyes and a hawkish nose, and he was my boyfriend. We were […]

Stalking is a Crime

I’ve been stalked several times in my life: by an acquaintance of a former husband, by a fellow student at university, by a man I’d met at the Y, and by a former partner.  In the first two instances, I was naive, and only when the situation escalated did I […]

RV-Able: Down Time

Hubby and I just woke up after a twelve hour sleep.  Unheard of for him, a blessing for me.  Both of us were beyond tired yesterday. The weather here is only five degrees celsius, so we slept with our mattress heaters on and hunkered in under the covers. Cozy. This […]

Confessions From the Sickbed

Before illness, I counted days and hours, not out of drudgery – I had stretched myself beyond normal limitations. Before illness, I wore responsibility like a hero and defined by work, prioritized tasks above well-being. Before illness, I joked about the disabled, lounging around, living the life of leisure, usurping […]

RV-Able: Quinta Mazatlan

Lured by the promise of a rewarding birding experience, Ric and I decided to take the drive to McCallen and check out Quinta Mazatlan.  As usual, I worry about the amount of walking involved when visiting a new locale, but we were reassured by those in the know that there […]

A Story and A Wish

Table six in the fourth floor dining room at the long-term care facility is a favourite with the staff.  Ninety-eight-year-old Dorothy leads the pack with her no-nonsense attitude.  Beside her sits Verna, just eight years her junior, who always has a smile and a kind word for everyone.  Carole is […]