Orange Is An Anomaly


According to the True Colours system of analyzing personalities, I am flaming orange, with the least amount of gold, and a balance between green and blue.

What that means is that I dislike structure, am highly creative (and a risk-taker) and in equal measure crave order, and feel inadequate. In other words, finding balance and harmony in life is darn near impossible, lol.

Seriously, I don’t mind being an anomaly (except when it comes to getting answers for health problems). I can remember my earliest prayers being: “God, don’t let me live a boring life.” I have not been disappointed.

To find out more about True Colours, check out this handout from University of Texas at Austin.


The focus this week was anomaly. As might be expected, the responses were varied, and all interesting. Thanks to all who participated:

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See you tomorrow for a new challenge!

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #52: anomaly

A doctor recently referred to me as an anomaly. It’s not the first time I’ve heard it from the medical profession. Hardly reassuring.

The other day, walking amongst the tall green trees, wondering at the richness of the foliage around me, I spotted a twig of a branch with three red leaves on it. Odd given the setting.

“An anomaly!” I thought, and thus a prompt was born.

Can’t wait to see what you wonderfully creative people do with it!

Photographs, poetry, prose, art – all forms of creativity accepted. Just create a post and then link back here or dropped your url in the comments below.