Sparrow Lake

Serenity is time spent, lakeside. These images are from last summer. This year, unfortunately, health has intervened with any forays north. Still hoping.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Seascapes and/or lakeshores.

Oh, To Dream

Imagination floats, full sail
into a dreamy mist,
reality out of focus
delightful course

Beauty wraps my heart
in dream-filled ecstasy
paints my hope
with shades of love

As night falls, the sun
serenades my soul
a symphony of hues
coaxing dream-like slumber.

(For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: dreamy.)

Preening Season

Beauty of the feathered kind
brings me the upmost joy

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

The males don their brightest colours
while the females remain shyly coy.

Common Merganser

Nice to be a spectator, when Spring arrives,
the bright display of breeding birds – oh boy!

(For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo A Week Challenge: Beauty)

Black and White: CFFC

Springtime, and daffodils –
in variations of yellow –
memories now, colours
faded to black and white.

Yet, beauty lingers – the soft
edges of a perched dove,
her mourning song still echoes
a lulling, welcoming coo.

And white retains brilliance
against a backdrop of darkness,
in stillness magnifies, beauty’s
exuberance refusing to lay dormant.

(For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White. Also linking up to my weekly challenge: stillness. )

CFFC: Pastels

Softness of coral, paired with misty green
creates tranquility,  pleasing garden scene.

A sleeping dove captured by surprise,
reveals tender blue lidding the eyes.

snoozing dove

The sweetest of pastels, pink light at day’s end –
water and sky, pre-slumber, gracefully blend.


(Photos from private collection, submitted here for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: pastel colours.)

Cathedral Grove

Cathedraltrees.pngHighway 4 cuts across the interior of Vancouver Island, twisting through the mountains.  It’s been twenty years since I’ve passed this way and yet, when the endless rows of trees open to reveal the stillness of Cameron Lake, with mountains in her backdrop, my reaction is the same:  the sheer beauty brings tears to my eyes.

Of course, I did not have my camera ready, but we park at the entrance to Cathedral Grove and enter the enchanted rainforest, armed and ready to capture the glory.  Determined to get to the lake, I follow the trail to the left, only stopping briefly to ogle the trees whose presence lends their name to this place.

treefaceThe reverence of the grove has not altered, although there are now trails clearly marked, and fenced walkways to keep visitors on the path.  My memory, from so long ago, is of women, on a spiritual quest, wandering freely amongst the giants, finding quiet corners in which to meditate.

I slip off the path and stand at the water’s edge and contemplate another time, another woman, whose life would be forever changed upon return from this sacred place – a marriage of seventeen years about to end.


CameronLakeThis lake is still the same, although her edges are more cluttered than I’d recalled – fallen trees and weeds blocking the approach.   I forgive her this, recognizing that I too have changed, my edges marred by storms’ debris.  She, however; remains steadfastly at peace, her essence immutable.

Immersed in the green majesty, I understand now the magic of the grove: how fantastical imaginings seep from the crevices beneath mossy covered roots, and how a woman, with heart open, might have experienced magic here once. I wonder if I’ve lost that capacity: to be inspired by the unknown, the invisible, or if the need for the supernatural has passed me by.

growthfromdeathEverywhere I look there are symbols of death and rebirth – life finding roots in what has ceased to be.

Nature has so much to teach us, her lessons timeless and irreproachable.

Cathedral Grove continues to be a mystical place.