Feathered Elegance

Rumours of the Tundra Swans in our neighbourhood lure us out. They migrate through here in early spring and linger for a week or two. We head to the drive along the river where the Common Mergansers are currently doing their mating dances.

Caught this female in the midst of the ritual. Love the hairdo.

Further downstream, we spotted a newcomer to town: Hooded Merganser.

Such a beautiful bird.

The swans were nowhere in sight, so we decided to drive to a nearby town. On the way, I spotted a few large white birds on a local pond:

Elegance with feathers.

( For Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt: elegance.)

Boom, Boom, Bye, Bye

I’m focusing my lens when we both hear it – duck and I – a boom, like from a cannon.

Rattled, Mallard prepares for take off, while I try to shake off the nerves and get the shot.

The boom comes again. A hunter in our midst.

This duck escapes unmarred, as I do I. Luckily.

Feathered Blessings

My sick bed – where I was confined for three years – was on the main floor, with a window at my feet. Just outside, my husband installed bird feeders – a condominium of choices to draw feathered friends.

Now, I am able to get outside, and commune with the birds in their own settings, but still, two feeders hang outside the window, and I love to sit on the porch and watch as sparrows and finches vie for a perch.

Feathered blessings never get old.

Downy Woodpecker

Frenetic movement just outside my window alerted me that I had company. Parked along the river, I was searching for the young eagle, and equally as delighted to find a Downy Woodpecker in close proximity.

Too busy with his task to notice me, he kept up his antics and I took advantage of the situation.

(For Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge: any topic)

Note: V.J.’s Weekly Challenge should resume next Monday, all going well.

Flight Day

While fishing with our granddaughter down by the falls, we are joined by an osprey, also looking for a catch. None of us has any luck, and the osprey moves on.

We decide to follow him back to the nest. Mom and babies are in residence when we arrive, and after a bit of observation we realize that one of the young ones is finding his wings preparing for first flight.

After stretching his wings a few times, he practices lift off, then seems to confer with his mother.

Dad arrives just as junior takes first flight, circling the ball diamond and landing on a light post.

Pardon the photo quality. The day is windy and overcast, and in my excitement, I fail to hold the camera steady.

This fishing exhibition turned out to be quite memorable.