Weaving Bits and Pieces

Nuances of nostalgia
moving and opening
I distract
We grapple
under construction
meaning percolates
this is life
these bits and pieces of a
dragons and time machines
ticket stubs

Every week I challenge you with a focus, and every week you amaze. ‘Bits and pieces’ was the prompt this week, and the diverse responses, woven together, created this glimpse of life’s bits and pieces. Thanks to all who participated. If I missed anyone, please let me know:

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See you tomorrow for a new challenge!

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #95: bits and pieces

“What’s happening with your camera?” I asked Ric on our last outing. He has a new one, and left the old one for repair, possibly passing it on to me.

“It’s lost in the pandemic.”

“Oh,… yeah.”

Processing the backload of photos, I come across pics of my mom from our last visit, before her nursing home was locked down. I didn’t know then that I wouldn’t be seeing her again for a while. I wish I had have taken some of the two of us together.

The shutdown happened so quickly, there was no time to plan or tidy up loose ends. That pottery workshop I’d set up with the girls was put on hold. Ric’s planned trip to visit our youngest and help set up her new apartment also set aside.

In the first few weeks, we were focused on doing the right thing, but as time passes and this seems to be our new normal all the bits and pieces, left undone, are now resurfacing.

“We can order paint and pick it up curbside,” I suggest.

“Except I’d want to see the chips.”

So, we’re making lists. Nothing really important; just odds and sods.


This week’s challenge is ‘bits and pieces’. The prompt lends itself to photos, lists, poetry, prose, or any other creative format. To participate, publish a post and either leave a link in the comments or create a pingback.

Looking forward to your responses.