A Perfectly Singular Day

A solo kayaker,
slices through
silent waters

A single flower
blooms bright
joyful beacon

A lonely vessel,
awaits a steward,
stillness remains.

(For Cee’s Black & White challenge: Isolated Objects)

Rocks in Black & White

The Canadian Shield,
where rugged pines stretch,
reach for endless skies,
taking root in rocky shores.

We set boulders in our gardens
to anchor us against untimely storms,
or perhaps to remind us of endurance
when everything else falls away.

Even the satisfying crunch of stones on our path
fascinates – the varied hues and forms, like art,
incite searches for undiscovered treasures –
a stone to become our own – nature’s grounding.

(Images from personal collection, submitted for Cee’s Black & White challenge: rocks, boulders and stones.)

As Water Flows

As water flows, my mind wanders –
relinquishes thoughts and worries

waterfalls St Marys bw

As water flows, I surrender
to the blessing of life’s journey

falls bw

As water flows, I acknowledge
the fluidity of emotions, of change

As water flows, I experience
the continum of life’s cycles.

(Submitted for Cee’ Black & White Photo Challenge: flowing water.  Images are of the Little Falls near our home, a favourite spot to visit.)


Tables and Chairs (CB&WC)

Somewhere a chair waits for us –
seating for two, a cosy rendezvous

LaPostainterior bw

New Mexico’s hospitality so charming –
scrumptuous southwest cooking too.

InteriorofPrairieSchooner bw

In Utah, covered wagons and recreated campfires
offered a unique setting for potato and steak dinner
Ourrockersawait bw

Our adventures have taken us to many places,
but wherever we’re together, that’s the winner.

(For Cee’s Black and White Challenge: tables and chairs.)


Steps (CB&WC)

Rows of pumpkins line the upward climb,
and flowery sentinels mark a landing –
a well lit doorway adds additional charm
a happy home from where I’m standing.

TroutHavenpond bw

Not all places are subject to such tender care –
through time and neglect, their beauty offends
rickety stones, lead to murky waters, overgrowth
of bush and weeds, ensures not too many descents.

stepsintolake bw

My heart dreams of another place, where
concrete stairs at water’s edge invite play,
where tree-lined mountains, and glass-like
waters evoke the serenity of a Nanaimo day.

(Created for Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Steps )