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Televised Sports and Tantrums

What is unresolved in childhood resurfaces in adult relationships; it rears its head with all the finesse and grace of a child throwing a tantrum. I am guilty of such behaviour. Movie nights with Mom happened once a week.  Dad would be at work, and Mom would make a big […]

Aversion to Discord

Permanence is not a quality of harmony.  Can’t understand why I should ever hope for such a thing, yet here I am disappointed again, disagreement having chipped away at momentary bliss. Must have been born to please; born not with the usual film of childbirth, but with a bluish red […]

Blended Angst

Growing up, my example for what a blended family looks like was The Brady Bunch, a television sitcom that depicted ever-patient parents, and six children whose disagreements were cute, story-worthy antics.  It was all very entertaining and appealing.  The irony was that at the time I was (unbeknownst to me) […]