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Tired of the Same Old Endings

“I’ve started to write short stories again – something I haven’t done since I was a kid.” “How’s that going?” “It’s disturbing, actually; the endings are the same even after all these years.” “Like what?” “Me in a straitjacket, completely mad.” “Oh, I see!” As do I – there are […]

Some Family I Can Live Without

“Mom, why do we never spend time with your family?  You have all these cousins I have never met.  What’s up with that?” I cringe when the topic of my mother’s family comes up, never really quite certain how to explain. “None of them like me,”  is the easy explanation, […]

Brotherly Reunion

My mother birthed six children through the course of two marriages; her first husband, father of the original four, married a woman who also had four children, so we are a family of full, half, step and out-of-step children.  Fifteen years separate the oldest and youngest, and as the second […]