Farewell to Farewells

Total exhaustion has taken hold. Brain is fried, emotions taut, body shot.

Monday as we prepared to pull out, my right leg collapsed and as I reached out to stop the fall, I grasped with my left arm, wrenching an already torn shoulder. It did not bode well for the trip home.

With a dead car battery at every stop, and ongoing problems with the RV, we have limped and been stalled all along the way.

This too shall pass, as they say.

Farewell was the focus this week, something I do not do easily (apparently). I hate to say goodbye, often avoiding the task. It feels so final.

What I realized, in reading through this week’s posts, is that I focus on the door closing often forgetting that another will open.

I thank you for your input this week, and hope you forgive me being only sporadically present.

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See you tomorrow morning with a new challenge.

Hello April

April means farewell, for we winter Texans.

Not fated to be a quick journey, as problems keep arising, grounding travel, and interfering with our plans.

Fulvous Whistling Ducks, beak to beak

Nevertheless, April means Spring and everywhere we look the birds are twittering with extra fervency – is that romance in the air?

One happy bird in red

And even though we’ve encountered setbacks – breakdowns and other nuisances – the trees are greener, and some even have sprouted blooms.

Our time in the south may be closing, but the South will forever remain in our hearts. A little bit of Texas is coming home with us.

So long for now, y’all.

(Lens-artists challenge is Hello April. All images from personal collection. I am also linking up to my weekly challenge: farewell.)

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #42: farewell

As you read this, Ric and I will be saying farewell to Texas and our cozy home on the canal. We leave behind new friends, the countless birds who have so entertained us, and the beautiful Gulf Coast.

I am both excited to be home, and sad to end our time here. But isn’t that life? There is a time for a new beginnings and there is a time for endings.

This week, since it’s all you are likely to hear about from me (okay, I’m cheating a bit), let’s reflect on farewells – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Looking forward to your responses.

To participate, create a post on your own blog (or leave a message in the comments). Respond with poetry, prose, photography, or whatever else comes to mind. Link your post to this one, and tag your response: VJWC. Enjoy the creativity offered.