Time For Reflection and Courage

Time stands still; we wait
the noise of speculation stark contrast
to the reality that confronts us

Where do we go from here
and what authority to trust
and in this imposed solitude

can we find the strength
of reflection, the courage
to follow an inner lead?

Be safe out there all. Inspired by the promptings of Eugi’s Causerie: courage; and Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week: glass.

What’s For Dinner?

Okay, maybe not that chicken, but every time I remember to photograph what we’re having, it’s too late. You get the idea. Other ingredients include, but are not limited to:

Lettuce from the garden, and fresh mint:

For Nancy’s Merrill’s Photo a Week challenge: What’s for dinner?

Weathered and Still Shimmering

The candy shop across the bay, has weathered many storms. Fresh-made caramel and toffee, homemade chocolates and vintage sweets, appeal to kids of all ages – especially this one. Two years ago this island town was hit by a hurricane, and there are signs of devastation everywhere, but the butler on the porch of the candy shop still stands – minus a few fingers, but still sporting a shimmering glow.

(Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge is shimmer. Lens-Artists have prompted worn or weathered.)


New to photography and art, the concept of contrasts (opposites on the colour wheel) is an eye-opener. I had to search through my archives, and recent pics, to discover something fitting. It is easy to see how contrasts add humour to this Hallowe’en costume – colour, shapes and sizes contrasted. (A sad selfie).

Contrasts – reds and greens – makes this Green Heron one of my favourite birds, and no doubt makes the following image so appealing: the pop of red amongst green leaves, along with the subdued tones of the Great Blue Heron, and the mirror-like stillness of the moment captured.

(Thank you to Nancy Merrill for her Photo of the Week challenge: contrasting colours. Your prompts instruct and inspire, Nancy.)

Photo a Week: On the Horizon

Like a construction site –
life stretches out before us,
so many unknowns ahead.

We search the horizon
for assurances that the road
is worthy, the destination in view.

In truth, no matter our choices
it is peace we seek, a contentment
not found beyond, but within.

(For Nancy Merrill’s Photo of the Week Challenge: on the horizon. Searching for photos for this entry, I have noted that my horizons are often off-kilter, something I must pay more attention to.)