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Love “Swimming Lessons”!

What an incredible story!  Claire Fuller creates characters who are flawed and yet sympathetic.  Meet Gil, an aging writer and incorrigible Lothario, who sudden obsession with books leads his daughters to be concerned about his state of mind.  Meet Ingrid, his wife who has been missing for eleven years, presumed […]

Blended Angst

Growing up, my example for what a blended family looks like was The Brady Bunch, a television sitcom that depicted ever-patient parents, and six children whose disagreements were cute, story-worthy antics.  It was all very entertaining and appealing.  The irony was that at the time I was (unbeknownst to me) […]

Sitcom Potential?

I’m seeing it now as a sitcom, you know 22 minute vignettes in which the ordinary becomes the absurd. Episode One:  The Preparations Are Mighty     As departure time draws near, Ric’s paper plans have overtaken the house.  Meanwhile, VJ, unable to get out of bed, is trying to direct a […]