Punctuation, Anyone?

I am contemplating the importance of punctuation when writing poetry.
Please be advised that I am not an expert – either of the period or the poetic form –
just a woman, who having stumbled upon the possibility of penning a word or two,
has found herself questioning (which definitely needs a question mark, doesn’t it?)

Blogging has opened so many possibilities: some, who like me, seem to fall back on conventional uses and others, who choose to ignore punctuation at all; and I am second guessing myself.

Does the end of a line of poetry infer pause, or is a comma useful?  Do semi-colons even have a place in verse, or are they reserved for the monotony of prose.  Dashes, quotations marks, italics – all surely deserve a place.(?)th-2

Am I mired in the muck of high school grammar, missing out on true freedom of expression, or; is punctation the punch that adds meaning to my dribble?

What do you think?