To Touch or Not to Touch

She was quite eccentric, and visibly older than most of the students attending our program. I’d had five years between first and second year, so I guess she was drawn to my maturity. We both wanted to be teachers.

After graduation, she went on to her Bachelor of Education, and I gave birth to my third child. The next time we encountered each other, I was the parent and she was the teacher. Eccentric as ever. The kids loved her.

Except for the one that didn’t. That one complained that she touched the kids too much – her hugs and hair stroking unwelcome. Her license was at stake.

“If I can’t touch my kids, then I can’t teach,” she told me in confidence.

I never knew what became of the investigation, but years later when I would follow in her footsteps and have my own classes, I thought of her. It’s in my nature to touch, too.


The focus this week has been on the subject of touch. Thank you to all the participants for touching me with your creativity. Virtual hugs all around.

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(The featured image is my last photo of July, unedited. I am sneaking it in here for Bushbay’s challenge of the same name.)

See you tomorrow for a new challenge!

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #106: touch

“Dear Grandma,
We love you with all our hearts. We miss you and wish we could
touch you and have sleepovers all the time. You are the best girl
in the world and I love you so much and hate the coronavirus.”

The note came in a homemade card, created and dictated by my four-year-old granddaughter. Touching people is the thing she misses the most.

“When this is over, I’m going to be giving lots of hugs,” my neighbour warns me. Seems he misses touch also.

This week let’s consider the role that touch plays in our lives.

To participate, create a post and link back here. Look forward to your responses. Photographs, poetry, prose, or any other form of creativity are welcome.