Unveil Me

We’ve discovered a drive along the river where Great Blue Herons, Red Tail Hawks, and Bald Eagles come to hunt.  It’s a dirt road with little or no traffic, except for the odd bird watcher like us.  After a week of inclement weather, the sun peeked out yesterday morning, so I convinced Ric to take me out for a drive.

First, we stopped at a local craft show, where we ran into several of our neighbours, and stopped to chat.  Then we swung by the grocery store, met more neighbours, and stopped to chat.  By the time we left there it had started to rain.

“Let’s go anyway,” I whined.  Too many days of rain was making me cranky.  “I’ll shoot from the car.”

The rain had affected the river too, her banks flooded, her movement fast and muddied.

“Birds won’t be hunting today,” Ric said.  “They can’t see the fish.”

Still, I wanted to go on, but within minutes the rain fell like globs of sugar water, and then turned to snow.

“I’m not ready!”  Snow covers the world in a veil of white, blotting out autumn’s colours.  It makes getting around more difficult for people like me who depend on mobility supports.  It means colder weather.

I snapped a few pictures and we drove home in silence.  Ric went into his office and I sat down at my computer.   A few minutes later, he started sending me emails – possible RV sites to visit in Texas on our way to Arizona.

“I think we leave at the end of the month,” he said.  “Get you back into the warmth.”

Can’t argue with that.

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It snowed early that year, and those who gathered at the church hall were dressed to keep out the cold, mumbling about the weather, and helping themselves to warm beverages.  Seems deaths come in threes, and this was the third of our family members we’d buried in as many months.

“Where’s Uncle Charles?” I asked my mother, taking inventory of those present.

“He’s up north hunting.  Couldn’t make it back.”

He’ll be sorry to miss this, I think to myself.  It was his oldest brother being buried after all.  I worked my way around the room, greeting relatives and swapping stories, until a sudden gust from the doorway made me turn.

Stepping in out of the cold was Uncle Charles, who smiled and winked at me across the room, as he shook the snow off his coat and stamped his boots.  He looked unusually dapper, with a smart fedora and long wool coat.  Hardly hunting gear.

I wrapped up my conversation and pushed through the crowd to greet a favourite uncle, now nowhere in sight.

“Nice to see Charles made it,” I mentioned to my mother later.  “Although, I don’t know where he went.”

“Charles didn’t come.  I told you, he’s snowed in up north.”

“But he did.  I saw him.”

“What was he wearing?”

I explained.  “I’d know him anywhere Mom,” I plead my case, ” by the glint in his eye and that unmistakable moustache.”

“My brother Charles hasn’t sported a moustache in years.  You’re describing my Dad.  A couple of others said they saw him too. Of course he’d be here for his first born’s funeral.”

My mother’s father.  A man I’d never met.  A man who died the year before I was born.

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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #21: Veil


I thought about skipping over Hallowe’en, but who doesn’t like a good, spooky story?
And I have a few…just have to shake them out of my memory bank…

Meanwhile, let’s write, photograph, and have fun with the paranormal.

And if that doesn’t work, then use the word veil in another context.  I know you will blow me away – you always do!

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(About the image:  I took an ordinary picture of a bird flying near a tree, thought about discarding it, and then decided to run it through the filters on Befunky.com to get this eerie effect.)