Dark Places

What creatures dwell in tucked away places….


hidden in the darkness…


observing those of us in the light…


do they fear us, as we fear them….


or have they found contentment?


(I’ve been a little obsessed with holes – thank you to the Daily Post for offering the prompt ‘creature’ so that I could use this pics.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

7 thoughts on “Dark Places

  1. Our caveman/woman history still resides within I’d guess … back then, when most took shelter in some sort of hole, there must’ve been also the ones who didn’t like being cooped up, who wished to be out under the stars or clouds, exploring with eyes as well as imagination. Your post has me questioning my preferences — I like both — if I HAD to choose, probably I’d hole up in a smallish cave. Maybe shaped like an Airstream …

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    1. I responded on your blog – that photo is exquisite. We are both mobility challenged, so don’t geocache, but I went with my daughter in healthier days – such a great idea.


  2. Interesting thoughts. The unseen is intriguing…a desire to know more is within each of us…it pushes us to explore and ponder within our minds and within the physical world to discover.

    I was thinking about the light and dark in your photos…can there be light without dark…can there be dark without light? Within dark holes and crevices, worlds of life exist…life that may not even be aware that we exist, if we’ve left their spot alone.

    There’s a canyon in Colorado that in the spring…at just the right moment of the sun in the day, one can see writings left hundreds of years ago upon the wall…once the sun has moved just a bit, you can’t see it. Pretty amazing…did the authors know that their writing would be hidden for the majority of the time? I searched for the name of it…was almost sure it was called Picture Canyon…but when I looked that up, it doesn’t look right….

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