Discovering Ottawa: Mer Bleue

frog closeup“Did you see anything cool?”  We ask the young boys running ahead of their mother in the parking lot.

“Frogs!” they exclaim.

“There’s a frog sitting on a wasp’s nest, catching the wasps as they exit,” another group tells us.  We head in that direction.

We’ve come to Mer Bleue Conservation area just east of Ottawa.  The area itself is huge and comprised of several trails, but we have chosen the Bog Trail, as it is 1 km in length.

small frog 2Entering the left fork of the trail takes us through a wooded area before we reach the boardwalk itself.  We find a large frog just beside the path, but can’t see any wasp’s nest.  Maybe, sated, he has moved on.  He sits for some photos but as soon as my walker hits the boards, the booming sound scares him away.

No worries, Ric spots a smaller, well camouflaged frog further along.

Bog walkIt is not as overcast today, and warming up.  A large crow bellows from a tree well off the trail, and to my right I can hear the sweet, clear note of another bird, but cannot find it.  Bog life is well hidden in the tall grasses.

The boardwalk takes us over a wooded area where many interesting plants and fungus grow.

As we approach the open water, I catch a bull frog ducking under the lily pads.  A red dragonfly hovers just above the pads and I’m waiting for the frog to go into action when Ric calls out that there are turtles in the water.  Distracted I join him, but he says their heads pop up and then they disappear again.

terrapinI have heard rustling in the grass, and caught sight of a bird, but it stays hidden.  I do recognize something familiar across the way, sticking out of the brush – a terrapin.

The day is warming up and we decide to move on.  I linger capturing a few more images.  The path leading to the car is covered in wildflowers and golden rod, all buzzing with bees.  I snap a few photos and I’m not sure, but is this:  two bee or not two bee?2 bee or not

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

9 thoughts on “Discovering Ottawa: Mer Bleue

  1. Thanks for the nature walk. I had forgotten how much I like those boardwalks thru the bogs. I have never been to the Mer Bleue. I can sense the peaceful scene and the warm sun through your writing. Nicely expressed.

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