Beauty To Be Found

The seasonal cold hit our house this week, and not wishing to share it, I locked myself in with mugs of lemon and honey.

An ice storm blasted Sunday, so we were happy to stay put. Ice and compromised balance do not blend well. Then, before the ice could melt, it snowed. Another good day to stay indoors.

On the third day, after some much needed sleep, I decided that my lungs could use fresh air, so I snuck out early armed with camera.

Signs of the ice storm were still visible.

Our rural landscape transformed into a misty monochrome dream. I drove with the windows down, inhaling the crisp air, listening for birdsong. Chickadees, Downy Woodpeckers, and Blue Jays flit between the barren trees and tall pines. Too quick for my lens, but the company lifted my spirits.

Stopping on a bridge, I captured this wintry scene, marvelling at the clarity of reflection on the frigid water’s surface.

I’ve been dreading the onset of winter months, something we have avoided for the past three years. Now that I have discovered the pleasure of photography, I am looking forward to the discovery that lies ahead.

Beauty really is to be found in all moments. I am grateful for that.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

19 thoughts on “Beauty To Be Found

  1. I share your feelings about winter – nice for some things, generally not great for most other things.
    Winter here in Alberta can start in September (as it did this year) and still be hanging on in late April. After six decades of winter tolerance, we finally decided to be Snow Birds for part of the year. A few months in Arizona make the rest of an Alberta winter much more pleasant!

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  2. Soooo very beautiful, VJ – hats off to you going out to capture this and share with people who never get to experience it first-hand. Once, back in the mid 80s, I saw real winter on a business trip to Rochester MN – a memorable step along my path of awakening!

    And your comment about birds that won’t hold still for lenses … that’s true in warm places too, suffered in the Valley a week ago! I’m still thinning/tuning the photos I came home with (400+) and so many of them are trashed because bird was in motion and thus image blurred – all cases where I’d aimed at a stationary bird. (They just don’t sit still for long!) I can imagine blue jays with the wintry backdrop – would be beautiful – thank heavens for imagination, huh?

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    1. I am determined to get a blue jay yet. And a cardinal. Managed to get a few good ones of a chickadee, but it takes patience and readiness for sure. I love going through photos after an outing. Can’t wait to see what you did get.


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