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RV-Able: Today’s Chuckles

It was finger numbing cold out this morning as we were packing up to leave Falcon Lake.  I came in from helping Ric hook up the tow vehicle to find that I’d missed a call from my mother. Mom is ninety-one and usually waits for me to call her, so […]

A Story and A Wish

Table six in the fourth floor dining room at the long-term care facility is a favourite with the staff.  Ninety-eight-year-old Dorothy leads the pack with her no-nonsense attitude.  Beside her sits Verna, just eight years her junior, who always has a smile and a kind word for everyone.  Carole is […]

RV-Able: Misses and Gains

FaceTime, phone calls and videos exchanged cannot replace in-person chats and hugs, especially when the recipients are grandchildren.  I miss chasing eighteen-month-old Auggie around the house, or cuddling with Sloane to “watch something”, or exploring the million why’s of Finn.  I miss my grown children, family and friends whom I […]

Faulty Wiring

“Varnish” I said aloud, rolling the word over my tongue as if we were new acquaintances. “What’s that you said, Mom?”  My daughter, breezing through the kitchen, found me standing at the counter, gazing out the window.  She was gone before I could answer. They were used to me by […]

RV-Able: Memphis Blues

The ‘misspent’ years of my youth were dedicated to sneaking into blues bars, underage, to catch the soulful music of Muddy Waters, Downchild Blues Band, and even B.B. King himself.  I was hooked on blues, so the thought of visiting Memphis thrilled me.  Beale Street was top of my list […]

Five Year Review

November 16, 2012, I penned: Cancer, it turns out, it is a powerful proponent of simplicity. Faced with uncertainty, one is forced to examine the complexities of life and cull. Our lives are reduced to three priorities: – Making healthy choices – Caring for relationships – Reducing financial burden. Necessity […]

Developing Intuition

Making sense of chaos is difficult for young minds, and yet, often necessary for survival.  I could not have recited the list of causes for my family’s particular brand of dysfunction, I just knew from an early age that I needed to be on guard.  So I developed what I […]


My living room has beautiful big picture windows facing two directions, allotting me a full view of the neighbour’s front gardens to the north, and the constant comings and goings  on the  street in front of the house.  Lying on the couch with my morning cup of tea is how […]

Another Chapter Closes

The house creaks and cracks with such ferociousness, I am unable to sleep.  Perhaps it does not like the starkness of bare walls, the absence of furniture, the finality of boxes stacked and sealed.  It is my last night here – just myself, a king sized bed and a complaining […]