Art That Warms the Heart

What I miss most right now is sharing art time with my granddaughters. These creations are the work of seven-year-old Sloane.

(For Cee’s On The Hunt For Joy: Let kids decorate.)

Passing The Time

Pursuing feathered inspiration takes me to quiet rural settings. At home, I pour over images, and “picturate” as my husband calls it – altering the photos to create something new.

I spend time daily, crafting poetry, inspired by images, or dreams, or prompts. Often I combine the poems with the artistic photos:

(Photo taken on Vancouver Island, April 2018)

I’m also spending my time writing a community newsletter for our retirement community, and as a retired teacher, offering support to my grandchildren for their online learning. I’ve even created a YouTube account so that I can read to my granddaughters – posting videos for them to replay when they need a Grandma fix.

And in between, I am reliving the years of art I missed as a child, experimenting with pencil, ink, charcoal, and watercolour:

How are you passing this time, staying home?

(Submitted for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: pastimes)

What the Tree Told Me

Trees have stories to tell. I’m sure of it. I find my lens drawn to holes and broken places, wonder about the life that finds shelter there, wonder what the tree can teach me.

The art of creativity means setting aside the logical mind, listening to nuances, allowing the expression of the irrational. I let the ink translate the trunk’s image, resulting in the featured image.

Then I add colour.

(What the Tree Told Me is available on Society6.)

Creativity’s Alive

I hit a dry spell over the holidays. Felt deflated as far as creativity went. So Ric bought me new materials – ink pens, markers, pastels, and paper, lots of paper. Still, none of my photographs were inspiring me. I really wanted to create something from my own imagination, but have little faith in my ability.

So, I doodled vines. Over and over again, till the idea for the featured image came to my mind. Then, I thought of trees. I once loved sketching trees – why not try again. I got whimsical:

Now, I’m stuck on trees, and enjoying the ink so much:

Looks like trees are fulfilling my creative need for the time being.

(Submitted for Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt: alive. Look for my art on Redbubble, Society6, or Zazzle.)

More Hole Than Whole

The woman in the mirror is flawed
age spots where freckles once sprouted,
streaks of white, peppering former auburn,
inner scars marking discontent.

How then is she expected
to know wholeness?

In days when mind was sharp
self-confidence wobbled;
when spirituality was planted,
self-judgment undermined.

The path to wholeness
pitted with potholes.

How often emotion overrode
common sense, and choices
led her astray, how thick
the mud of guilt she mired in.

Repulsed at her own reflection
she was anything but whole.

Less self-defacing these days
she examines the worn bits
with wry acceptance –
acknowledges the toil.

If wholeness is perfection,
she’s ready to let go.


This week, I challenged us to consider the concept of being whole. I know it turned out to be a workout for me, so I thank all who took the time to participate.

Reena Saxena
Poetry Pallette
Stuff and what if…
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See you tomorrow for a new challenge!

(Watercolour from personal collection)

Inked Blessings

It began simply enough; I just wanted to draw a simple Christmas tree, but the lines went a little crazy and well…you can see the result. The pen had a mind of its own, so I decided to let it talk.

Trees with character started to emerge, and began to haunt my dreams.

Christmas trees will have to wait….I am otherwise occupied.

Making a List

I know it’s early, but since I do most of my shopping on line, I don’t like to leave anything to chance.

My adult children no longer want to exchange gifts at Christmas. For them, it is just more stuff they have to contend with. Fair enough. Doesn’t mean they are not going to get something though.

The grandchildren have long lists, basically anything mentioned in the catalogues that arrive this time of year. Our budget says otherwise.

Last year, for birthdays, I painted a watercolour for each of family members. Unique and personal goes over well. I liked to carry the theme on for Christmas.

As some of you may know, we created Print on Demand accounts with Society6, Redbubble, and Zazzle. These companies allow you to apply your artwork to quality products, creating one-of-a-kind gifts.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be updating my SHOP page with gift-giving ideas taken from these pages.

First on the list is the Moon Goddess floor pillow featured. My stepdaughter has been mentioning this for some time now.

Inspiration Rekindled

Eight years now, I have been blogging. It has been a process of unfolding. In the beginning, I wrote for reflection, but as life changed, so did my need. I dug deeper and poetry emerged. I remember at one point telling my husband that I wished I could create my own images to pair with the poetry. In time, that wish materialized. I expanded to a second blog. Photography ignited a desire to paint.

The creative process doesn’t dry up, it looks for new avenues. It is a spider, creeping through dark places, seeking cracks, weaving inspired webs.

There is so much inspiration to be found here on the blogosphere. I am always uplifted by those who join in my weekly challenges. This week, our work was “kindle“. I’d say we are all on fire.

Thanks to:

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch
Reverie in Reverse
Reena Saxena
Sharing Thoughts
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See you tomorrow for a new challenge.

Doodle Blessings

To keep learning is a blessing. This week, I signed up for a sketching workshop, with no idea what to expect. Turns out we were learning the art of meditative doodling, trademarked as Zentangle.

The featured image I created in class. I thought it would be fun to do my granddaughter’s initial. This is where I’ve gotten to so far.

Ric immediately went out and bought me more pens, so the addiction is now full blown.

A Child Glows

delightful youth,
my heart’s jewel,
you are light-bearer,
hope for the future –

antics haphazard,
laughter contagious,
spreading joy,
sparking imagination –

I pray that your spirit
remains joyously vibrant,
that reality dawns gently –
polishes the radiance
of your glow.


I wrote A Child Glows in November of 2018 in celebration of my granddaughters. I have edited here, slightly. Image from personal collection.

The focus this week was child/childhood. The topic elicited a wide range of responses and I have a feeling could serve as a prompt for a whole year without being exhausted.

Thanks to all who participated.

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