Our August

Augustine was the name chosen
should this new arrival be a girl
but as her mother laboured
she knew, with certainty
there would be no “ine”

She is August, born in May
esteemed and venerable
a name fit for a leader –
I can attest to her ability
to run the show –
definitely rules my heart.

(For Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt: August.)

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

What a week. Within days of listing, we had several house showings. The fourth couple through showed interest. They had one other house to view the next day.

“There should be an offer coming tomorrow,” the realtor advised us. She called the next morning to say she’d be by at 5:00 for us to sign. The offer was a good one.

4:00 p.m. we get another call. “The sale is off. Family emergency.”

So we continue to vacate the house for others to come through, trying hard to let go of the disappointment.

Meanwhile, every morning I wake up from sleep with the same song running through my mind:

My guardian angel must be Rastafarian. Anyway, I appreciate the good vibes. So at the moment, this is my theme song.

I also appreciate the array of tunes shared this week. The music has carried me through.

Found My Mojo – I Write Her
Business As Usual – Sgeoil
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden – Heart to Heart
Rock On – Eugi’s Causerie II
Our Song – michnavs
Theme Song – Stuff and what if…
MMA Storytime’s Theme Song
Many Songs – parallax
You Just Might Find, one letter UP
Theme Song – chosenperspectives
Keith added in the comments: Danny’s Song and Rainy Day People.

Thanks again and see you tomorrow for a new challenge.

“It’s the Best!”

“Wait till I tell my Mom I’m having hot chocolate for dinner! Do you have marshmallows, too?” she’d excitedly asked the waitress.

“No marshmallows, but we have whip cream.”

“Oh yum!”

Children are so easy to please. I’d been in emergency all day, but didn’t want to cancel plans, so Ric picked her up from school and we three went to a local diner for early supper.

Able to read her own menu now, her eyes lit up at the sight of her favourite beverage. No vegetables touched her plate that night, a sin her mother is sure to scold me about, but in light of the day I’d had, I just wanted to soak in her joy.

Afterwards, we drove around to see the Christmas lights and then home for some television, a snuggle, and bed. All pretty low key.

“Staying at Grandma’s is so so fun!” she told her sister when they came to pick her up the next morning. “You get treats, and to stay up late.”

Don’t worry Mom, she didn’t even finish the hot chocolate.

As for me – my cup was overflowing.

(Thursdays I dedicate to celebrating the blessings in my life, which often translates to sharing Grandma stories. Can’t help it. They are the best, through my eyes.)

Only If I Knew…

“I wish I was a boy, Grandma.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Boys don’t get their monthly thing and they don’t have to birth babies.”

I remember thinking the same thing. I also remember how unfair the world seemed, growing up in the era of Women’s Lib, recognizing the broad stroke of inequality.

I didn’t have any pat answer in the moment. After she left, I wished I’d said the things no one ever said to me:

Life is about choices. You don’t have to do anything.

All experience is valid.

We cannot know why we are born a certain way, but if we are patient and trusting, we will come to find purpose.

Everyone struggles; it is the nature of life. What we do with the struggle is what makes a difference.

Not all pain is physical. Enduring pain gives us strength.

The joy you will experience will far outweigh the pain.

It is easy to fear what we don’t understand; in time, your perspective will change.

Give life a chance.

(For Reena’s Exploration Challenge: If Only I Knew…)

A Child Glows

delightful youth,
my heart’s jewel,
you are light-bearer,
hope for the future –

antics haphazard,
laughter contagious,
spreading joy,
sparking imagination –

I pray that your spirit
remains joyously vibrant,
that reality dawns gently –
polishes the radiance
of your glow.


I wrote A Child Glows in November of 2018 in celebration of my granddaughters. I have edited here, slightly. Image from personal collection.

The focus this week was child/childhood. The topic elicited a wide range of responses and I have a feeling could serve as a prompt for a whole year without being exhausted.

Thanks to all who participated.

Stuff and what if…
one letter UP
Sealing Wax Notes

Preferred Fashion

Age allots me the excuse to ignore fashion,
invites me to wear bright colours, dance

in offbeat shoes, wear hats of any flair,
and announce my mood in any given moment.

Yes, being a senior citizen is most freeing –
not unlike my childish kin.

(For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: fashion. Also submitting to V.J.’s weekly challenge: child/ childhood. Photo and hair credit for featured photo goes to my daughter Sylvie. )