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Life Tests and Lessons

Going over old blog posts, I came across one from March of 2015 in which I considered the lessons or tests that ME/CFS made me face and how I was faring.  Since these challenges are not exclusive to my disease, I thought I might share them here, hopefully to inspire […]


Two years ago, I was barely able to get out of bed.  Two years ago, I wondered if life would ever get better, or if I was doomed to a future of isolation and deprivation.  Words were the weapon I employed to battle my way out of the kind of […]

Confessions From the Sickbed

Before illness, I counted days and hours, not out of drudgery – I had stretched myself beyond normal limitations. Before illness, I wore responsibility like a hero and defined by work, prioritized tasks above well-being. Before illness, I joked about the disabled, lounging around, living the life of leisure, usurping […]

RV-Able: Memphis Blues

The ‘misspent’ years of my youth were dedicated to sneaking into blues bars, underage, to catch the soulful music of Muddy Waters, Downchild Blues Band, and even B.B. King himself.  I was hooked on blues, so the thought of visiting Memphis thrilled me.  Beale Street was top of my list […]

RV-Able: A Question of Wellness

“I had lunch with some of your old colleagues yesterday and we were talking about you.” Never a good start to a conversation when your relationship to the mentioned parties ended the day you stopped working. “Oh, who?” The people mentioned are acquaintances, only one actually worked with me and […]

Please Watch “Unrest”

Just finished watching Jennifer Brea’s award-winning documentary on ME/CFS entitled, Unrest, and so many thoughts are racing through my mind.  This is an important film, not just for the millions missing because of this disease and their loved ones; it should be required viewing for all who work in the […]


My living room has beautiful big picture windows facing two directions, allotting me a full view of the neighbour’s front gardens to the north, and the constant comings and goings  on the  street in front of the house.  Lying on the couch with my morning cup of tea is how […]

Another Medical Dead End

I had hope for the new doctor.  His assistant said he is persistent, will get to the bottom of what is going on.  After two visits, he has dismissed me. Maybe it’s my fault. I have been noncompliant.  I didn’t take the pills prescribed.  I refused a CT scan with […]

Systemic Describes ME/CFS

Systemic best describes the characteristic of ME/CFS:  the exhaustion, like a lead weight, hits muscles, organs, and brain creating an overall resistance to movement.  Physical energy is engaged in a battle against spirit. Two weeks ago, I attended wedding preparations and celebrations, babysat my five-year-old granddaughter, and felt like I […]