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Incessant Chatter

“Silent!”  the teacher, breaking from the lesson she had been delivering, turned towards me. I cringed, slinking down in my chair, choking on my ‘sorry’.  My classmate shifted  quickly, happy to have missed the wrath, but as soon as the teacher turned her back, she leaned in again to resume […]

One Thing

Originally posted on One Woman's Quest:
Sipping my second cup of morning tea, I breathe in the solitude that nature dropped on my doorstep overnight:  great mounds of white, silently commanding the world to a halt.  The tea is extra sweet and warming when accompanied by the luxury of…

Curiosity is the Mind of a Child

“Grandma, you are just like my mom!” We are snuggled in against the cold night air, having a sleep over. “Well, I am your mom’s Mom.” “Yeah,” she says hugging me tighter, “she’s your kid!” At five, Sloane likes to explore connections, turning things over, understanding things from different angles.  […]

“Hillbilly Elegy” Worth a Read

J.D. Vance grew up in white working-class America, with roots in Kentucky.    His memoir is an examination of what happens when substance abuse, rampant unemployment, and lack of parental stability strips children of the perspective to strive for better in their lives. Although Vance did rise above his tumultuous beginnings […]

That Kid

I am that kid. First day of school, teacher proudly organized, in charge, forgets she is addressing humans not machines programmed to comply.  I cannot tolerate oppression: authority already overbearing in my life.  I am a pressure cooker, combustible, ready to explode, like an uncorked grenade counting down the seconds. […]

Policy vs Need

“I can’t process your application with the information I’ve been given,” the woman on the phone is officious, likely hates her job, I theorize.  “Your doctor has only sent me four medical reports; there is not enough here to support an inability to work.” I might have guffawed at this.  […]

We Are Called

My husband is googling “The Declaration of Independence”. I am just trying to breathe: a tempest of emotions, thoughts, and fears attacking rationality. I try to think back to another time when I felt such terror…to reassure myself that this will all pass…but I think about my son who recently […]

“Getting Our Lives Back”

The documentary, Getting Our Lives Back offers an inside look at the Fibromyalgia spectrum.  It is UK-based, and the drug they talk about I do not recognize, but the number of people affected and the descriptions offered are universal. There is a lot of confusion about the name of this […]


Steven Avery became a household name last Christmas with the release of the Netflix documentary, The Making of A Murderer.  I know everyone in my family was hooked, and the discussions were lively.   Avery, just released from prison for a wrongful charge, finds himself a prime suspect in another sexual […]