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Raccoon Capers

I recognized the thump that had startled me as I was settling down to sleep:  it was the unmistakable sound of something trying to get into the outside waste receptacle. Damn, I cursed aloud, I forgot about the garbage. The day had been spent in celebration of a granddaughter’s fifth […]

Brief Notes

Dear Parents, Sorry I didn’t always do things in the way (or order) you thought I should, but quite frankly, your screwups made me seriously doubt your wisdom, and besides, what could I ever hope to learn from conformity? p.s.  I hope I turned out alright in your eyes.   […]

Horizontal Champion

Sleeping in was a sin in my father’s eyes.  Even as a teenager, no matter how late we’d been out the night before, if we weren’t up with the sun, Dad would treat us to an icy face wash. The early bird catches the worm! Laziness was not tolerated either.  […]

Lunch Bag Letdown

Some stories just beg telling and this is one of them. I knew there would be trouble the minute I laid eyes on the gold lame’ lunch bag my husband plopped on the counter in front of me.  My old one, an industrial blue hardware store model, had drowned the […]

Life Lesson Rant

I get that this illness thing may be part of higher learning; a divinely inspired gift to awaken my soul, but really? My resume is already humongous – I am over-animated with life experiences.  Okay, okay, so we are co-creators, make life choices, must be engaged in the process, but […]

Tired of Waiting

I’ve been making a conscientious effort to break free from the unhealthy patterns that hold me back in life:  an overly inflated sense of responsibility/martyr complex, lack of personal boundaries, and little self worth. While change is never easy, especially when it involves looking at one’s self objectively, the awareness has […]

Punctuation, Anyone?

I am contemplating the importance of punctuation when writing poetry. Please be advised that I am not an expert – either of the period or the poetic form – just a woman, who having stumbled upon the possibility of penning a word or two, has found herself questioning (which definitely […]