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Lines of Control

“Why do you always wear black; you look so much better in colours.” Then when you wear colour:  “You look like your mother in that outfit.  I prefer you in black.” “You’re not going to eat that, are you?  A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” “You […]

Life Tests and Lessons

Going over old blog posts, I came across one from March of 2015 in which I considered the lessons or tests that ME/CFS made me face and how I was faring.  Since these challenges are not exclusive to my disease, I thought I might share them here, hopefully to inspire […]

The ‘C’ Word

“I sat in the waiting room, naked from the waist up save for the hospital green awkwardly tied in front.  This was a call back: not the kind you pray for after an audition. “In nine out of ten times, it’s nothing,” the voice had said over the phone.  She […]

Confessions From the Sickbed

Before illness, I counted days and hours, not out of drudgery – I had stretched myself beyond normal limitations. Before illness, I wore responsibility like a hero and defined by work, prioritized tasks above well-being. Before illness, I joked about the disabled, lounging around, living the life of leisure, usurping […]

RV-Able: Awakening

We came away with the expectation of adventure.  We freed ourselves of material anchors and set sail into the unknown with openness, excitement, and a modicum of healthy trepidation.  I knew we would encounter new landscapes, experience different foods and cultures, but I did not anticipate how travel would effect […]

Heights of Aspiration

Oh to soar above the clouds, for just one day… free-floating, empowered… what perspective would flight bring? The illusion of civilization?  The fragility of our walls? And yet we aspire to ascend… no regard for the fall.. (In response to The Daily Post photo prompt:  ascend )

Five Year Review

November 16, 2012, I penned: Cancer, it turns out, it is a powerful proponent of simplicity. Faced with uncertainty, one is forced to examine the complexities of life and cull. Our lives are reduced to three priorities: – Making healthy choices – Caring for relationships – Reducing financial burden. Necessity […]

Dancing In Heaven

“I’m in trouble!”  My sister’s voice was weak but charged with panic.  “Help me!” “What have you done?” She’d locked us all out of her apartment that weekend; said she was tired of being sick, tired of people hovering over her.  She wanted to be independent. Reluctantly, we gave her […]

The Eyes Say It All

I put down the cellphone and glanced to see my husband seething across the table. “I can’t believe you answered that during dinner!” “I thought it was important,” I pleaded for forgiveness.  It hadn’t been important, a social call from my sister.  “Sorry.”  We were dining out; I don’t know […]


My living room has beautiful big picture windows facing two directions, allotting me a full view of the neighbour’s front gardens to the north, and the constant comings and goings  on the  street in front of the house.  Lying on the couch with my morning cup of tea is how […]