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Just Tell Me I’m Not Cute

Never understood it when Dad called me cheeky as a kid, although I always recognized a tone of approval.   Then I saw it in my own children: that look of sheer defiance that melted my heart every time. This photo of our youngest granddaughter exemplifies the epitome of cheekiness, don’t […]

Televised Sports and Tantrums

What is unresolved in childhood resurfaces in adult relationships; it rears its head with all the finesse and grace of a child throwing a tantrum. I am guilty of such behaviour. Movie nights with Mom happened once a week.  Dad would be at work, and Mom would make a big […]

RV-Able: Texas, Day One

“Is there a good place to eat around here?  And how about a grocery store?” “Just up the road is the town.  There is one Bar-b-que place, but it will be closed up by now – they sell out fast.” It was 3:00 p.m. “How about Mexican?” “There are five […]


It was a perfect summer evening for a gathering – warm but with enough of a breeze to make it comfortable.  Holding onto my companion’s hand, I lead him through the throngs of people to find my fellow co-workers.  Micheal and I had dated casually, but it wasn’t going anywhere.  […]

One Thing

Originally posted on One Woman's Quest:
Sipping my second cup of morning tea, I breathe in the solitude that nature dropped on my doorstep overnight:  great mounds of white, silently commanding the world to a halt.  The tea is extra sweet and warming when accompanied by the luxury of…

Five Year Review

November 16, 2012, I penned: Cancer, it turns out, it is a powerful proponent of simplicity. Faced with uncertainty, one is forced to examine the complexities of life and cull. Our lives are reduced to three priorities: – Making healthy choices – Caring for relationships – Reducing financial burden. Necessity […]

RV-Able: Don’t Back Up!

The English language is full of expressions that have more than one application.   To back up – along with its many forms – is one of them.  For example, as in my last post, backed up is a euphemism for excrement that is not following the protocols of natural processing […]

RV-Able: Backed Up

It is literally days from departure, and the preparations have been, as they say, mighty.  Yesterday, we finished off some business with the bank, picked up something for my Mom and had a farewell dinner with my sister.  We were not able to complete all the tasks we’d set for […]


Originally posted on One Woman's Quest:
“There are several steps to this meditation,” Dora Kunz began, “and with each one, if you hit an obstacle, just set it aside.” I had come, as had those around me, to learn more from this enlightened soul.  Having experienced the sense of…