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Found Poem: Readers’ Words

My husband bought me a beautifully bound journal when I started teaching, so that I could write down all my accomplishments and accolades.  It lasted a month and then I tucked it away, not comfortable with self-praise.  Years later, he still chastises me about it, so for today’s post I […]


Two years ago, I was barely able to get out of bed.  Two years ago, I wondered if life would ever get better, or if I was doomed to a future of isolation and deprivation.  Words were the weapon I employed to battle my way out of the kind of […]

Confessions From the Sickbed

Before illness, I counted days and hours, not out of drudgery – I had stretched myself beyond normal limitations. Before illness, I wore responsibility like a hero and defined by work, prioritized tasks above well-being. Before illness, I joked about the disabled, lounging around, living the life of leisure, usurping […]


So many have expressed the lasting pain of sexual harassment, exploitation, and rape better than I, and yet, I feel that all of our voices need to be lifted until respect replaces entitlement, and honour becomes instinct.  This fight is not new.  Nor is it close to being over.  For […]

Life Is Like This

Biting, the sun’s brilliance – set against a cornflower blue sky – competes with the mustard gold, tangerine orange and chartreuse leaves, shimmering in the breeze the vividness of colours, too sharp for just awakened eyes, begs retreat. I contemplate what I have witnessed, think life is like this: too […]

A Tapestry of Poems

I write poetry.   I play with images conjured up while sleeping, until a message appears.  (I describe this process in an earlier post:  Composing Poetry. )  I’ve noticed that the dreams, and consequently the poems, will follow a particular theme, and I thought it might be interesting to introduce the poems […]