A walk in nature reduces life-sized problems
to ant-like awe – an open secret often ignored.

I travel back roads, am humbled by
the power of farm machines,
the vastness of the sky.

Gratitude larger than this limiting skin.

(For Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy challenge: make yourself small; Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: roads; and, Reena’s Exploration challenge: oxymorons.)


The path before me titillates –
beckoning hues, rolling hills –
I set my lens on discovery.

My heart belongs to this land –
lush landscapes, and dynamic seasons –
here I’ll stay till shadows succumb to night.

(For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week challenge: landscape.)

Scenes From Ontario Winter

I cast my shadow over white banks
assert my presence, proud, defiant

Will find beauty in deserted golf courses
and colour in a monochrome season

I am haunted by a Winter state of mind
resolved to stretch myself despite creeping chill.

(Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is winter scenes. This Winter I am challenging myself to endure a season that typically I escape. I am determined to find the blessings. So far, so good.)

Wintry Rebellion

Tracks on ice remind me that even in the depth of winter there is movement. I am conflicted by the onset of cold: resigned to spending more time indoors, and already feeling the restlessness set in.

Art projects line up, encouraged by the many related gifts I received for Christmas. Writing calls to me too – so many unfinished works vying for space.

Perhaps it is the confinement itself that I fear, having known what it is to be truly homebound, and never wishing to relive the experience. I have come to love the outdoors; have embraced nature as my sanctuary. Can I tolerate the separation?

Ice crusts, encloses,
yet passion flows – fire carves
path – driven to thrive.

( Happy New Year all! Image from personal collection.)


How many winter walks
ended with burrs matted
in curly Wheaton hair;
how you wriggled
to escape the grooming,
how we laughed at your
jokester antics?

Your spirit still fills
the empty spaces,
I hear the jingle of
your collar, catch
a whiff of terrier fluff,
pull on an invisible leash
whenever I encounter burrs.

(For Cee’s Flower of the Day)