Those Feet!

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is feet, hands, and paws. Of course, you had to know I’d post bird pics!


Plastic cups are practical for outdoor summer sipping,
preferably, of course, with out arachnid dipping.

deck chair bw

Plastic chairs for lounging are best for surf, sun, and grass
except on the hottest of days, they just might burn your a**

If security doesn't work bw

Plastic skulls lined up along the neighbour’s lawn, cast an eerie light,
thrill the trick and treaters, who love a scare on Hallowe’en night.

(Cee’s Black & White challenge is things made out of plastic)


CB&WC: Sculptures, Statues, and Carvings

These children (featured image) gracing the local park in Chandler, Arizona are an amazing work of art.

statueingarden sepia












This tree-like figure joined other sculptures gracing these gardens. Taken in the area of Phoenix Arizona, although I have now forgotten where exactly.

birdcarving bw

This bird, carved of wood, stands guard in front of Fogg Dukkers Coffee shop (featured here).

PtalberniBench bw

A magnificent bench sculpture offers seating on the water front in Port Alberni, British Columbia.

(Thanks for the challenge, Cee!)