Close Up

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Closeups or Macros

Contributions of Humanity

Driving the neighbourhood, streets are deserted, but the spirit of the residents shines through – art posted in windows, chalk drawings on sidewalks, and front porch art. The lengths people go to encourages me. The best of humankind is shining through.

My challenge this week was contribution, and as always your contributions have warmed me. Borrowing from each participant, I offer you:

We contribute to enlighten –
drops in a vast ocean-
the sick await
brave hearts
risk the fall
for the betterment of all,
an offering of hope.

Thanks to all who joined in:

I Write Her
Reena Saxena
Does Writing Excuse Watching
Stuff and what if…

(I’m also linking this up with Cee’s Hunt for Joy Challenge: Paint your front door.)

See you tomorrow for a new challenge.

Thoughts on Gates and Fences

My childhood home was surrounded by fence, bordered by tall cedars – we had a secret to keep. I learned not to trust neighbours. I learned the price of shame.

At the back of the yard was a gate that opened onto a field and beyond that a wooded area. There I found serenity, connection, and a knowledge that what happened within my father’s fortress was not the totality of life.

I like gates.

I vowed not to need fences, that my life would be an open gate, but that was senseless. I was accessible to anyone who wanted to trample my garden.

Took a few dents and whole lot of pain for me to realize that gates and fences coexist for a reason. Boundaries are healthy, and at certain times, locks are mandatory.

(Photos for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: fences and gates. Thoughts part of my process. I’ve been obsessively photographing fences and gates recently. I’ve been sketching them too, trying to figure out the draw. Guess now I know why.)

Here’s one of my sketches: