A walk in nature reduces life-sized problems
to ant-like awe – an open secret often ignored.

I travel back roads, am humbled by
the power of farm machines,
the vastness of the sky.

Gratitude larger than this limiting skin.

(For Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy challenge: make yourself small; Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: roads; and, Reena’s Exploration challenge: oxymorons.)

Bricks and Stone

Our town’s quaintness is derived from the stone buildings, sourced from the local limestone quarry.

As magnificent as these historic buildings are, I understand they are hard to heat in winter months.

Our winters, in southwestern Ontario, Canada, can be harsh. I am grateful for modern materials like clay bricks, and of course, insulation, that keep us safe and cosy inside our homes.

(For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: bricks and stone)