Layered Realities

We beautify the mundane,
with flowers, greens and such,
and for further distraction,
the whimsical’s a nice touch.

History holds attraction,
love anything quaint –
celebrate our heritage,
have difficulty with restraint.

(For Calmkate’s Friday Fun: layers)

3.2.1 Quote Me

Thank you to Dorinda at Night Owl Poetry for tagging me for Rory’s 321 Quote Me!

1. Thank the selector
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The topic is Expression.

Apologies to my family for using their images in this challenge. I won’t tag anyone, but invite any who would like to play to join in.


Travelling is a challenge when food allergies are a concern. While in Ottawa, we stumbled upon a The Mill Street Pub, a restaurant overlooking the river, that offered gluten-free pizza, and it was delicious!

Our youngest granddaughter, on her second birthday, preferred the watermelon to cake. There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone enjoy their food:

At one point sushi was a favourite, but now I have to be careful, and well, some sushi connoisseurs are a tad off-putting:

For Lens-artists Photo Challenge: delicious.

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #35: Balance

I don’t think I’ve possessed good physical balance since that time I went down in tennis and cracked my kneecap, despite physiotherapy’s best efforts. Now that chronic illness has been added to the mix, I’ve learned to live without that certainty. I’m wobbly; what can I say?

Balance in other areas of my life, however; continues to be a work in progress. I have an inkling I’m not alone in this. This week, I am challenging us to think about how balance plays a role in our lives: Are you a master, whose life flows in perfect balance (if so, do share), or are you a student of life, like me, constantly being tested?

Maybe balance has a particular meaning for you; or maybe you’d best explain in photographs or art. My inspiration for this theme came from watching these beautiful but awkward birds balancing on one leg, like yoga gurus.

To participate, just create a post on the topic and link back (or drop a link in the comments.) Tag it VJWC if you remember, and enjoy the creative efforts of our community.

Look forward to responses.

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #33: Upside-Down

Strong-minded, I am not easily swayed. In fact, I like to say that life has to hit me over the head with a frying pan in order to get me to pay attention. Another analogy I use is that I have to be tied around the ankles, dragged to the fire and hung upside-down – much like the Hanged Man of tarot.

Stubborn might be another good word to describe it. I’m working on that – too old now to survive much more bashing from life.

This week, let’s turn things upside-down, reach for a new understanding or perspective.

Looking forward to your interpretations.

To Participate: Create a post, link back here, or leave a link in the comments. Tag VJWC, and take a moment to peruse the work of others.

Nailed It Dad!

Did you try some of the soup, Mom?

I glanced around at the many pans, ingredients, and baking paraphernalia lining the kitchen counters; not to mention my son-in-law and granddaughter who where firmly planted at the stove.

No, I messaged back. It’s a little busy here.

An unexpected trip back to Ontario landed me smack dab in the middle of my children’s busy lives. After two nights at my son and daughter-in-laws – where the bed was comfy and convenient – my body had a reaction to their dog, so I moved to my middle daughter’s home to couch surf for a bit.

While Mom and the two-year-old resumed their normal weekday activities, six-year-old Sloane and Dad were still on Christmas vacation and on this day they were attempting a “Nailed It” challenge.

Apparently, “Nailed It” is a baking show, which Sloane frequently watches. The premise is that the contestants are shown professionally decorated cookies, cupcakes, and cakes and challenged to reproduce them and then judged on the outcome. By default, I was nominated to be the judge.

Unlike the television version, Sloane and her dad did not race the clock, but dedicated a whole five-and-a-half hours to completing the task. I was beyond impressed by the organization and commitment that went into completing this task.

My judgment: cookies – nailed it; cake – nailed it; parenting – A++

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #25: Un-lived Lives

I met one of my un-lived lives at a party last night” is the title of a post on bone&silver’s blog.   I loved this post, and idea, so much I decided to make it the focus of my challenge this week.

How precarious are our lives, or are they pre-charted?  Does destiny hold all the keys, or does free will determine outcomes?  And who would I be if…..?

Come on…don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it?  This week let’s have fun with the possibilities – be outrageous, be descriptive, dare to imagine…and then…like bone&silver…let reality bring us back.

Here’s a film trailer for “Sliding Doors” to get your creative juices flowing:

Look forward to your responses.

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