A Child Glows

delightful youth,
my heart’s jewel,
you are light-bearer,
hope for the future –

antics haphazard,
laughter contagious,
spreading joy,
sparking imagination –

I pray that your spirit
remains joyously vibrant,
that reality dawns gently –
polishes the radiance
of your glow.


I wrote A Child Glows in November of 2018 in celebration of my granddaughters. I have edited here, slightly. Image from personal collection.

The focus this week was child/childhood. The topic elicited a wide range of responses and I have a feeling could serve as a prompt for a whole year without being exhausted.

Thanks to all who participated.

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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #62: child / childhood

My daughters gave me a copy of this poem, surrounded by images of me playing with the grandbabies. It always brings me joy.

As summer comes to end, and the children return to school, I am already feeling the loss of our time spent together, so; I thought it might be fun this week to ponder what it means to be a child.

To participate create a post on your own site and link back here. Any form of creative expression is welcome.

Look forward to your responses.