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Why Write Poetry

First, a disclaimer:  I am in no way an authority on poetry; it is just something I happen to do… a lot.  In fact, my original blog, One Woman’s Quest, is dedicated to my poetic escapades. A cancer scare prompted me to start writing a blog in the first place […]

Four Posts That Inspired Me Today

Thought I’d share four posts that helped kick-start my day: Dr. Andrea Dinardo’s blog Thriving Under Pressure offers inspiration for daily living.  Today’s post asks the question:  Are you left brain or right brain dominant?  Take a quiz to determine where you stand, and watch an inspiring video by Jill […]

A Tapestry of Poems

I write poetry.   I play with images conjured up while sleeping, until a message appears.  (I describe this process in an earlier post:  Composing Poetry. )  I’ve noticed that the dreams, and consequently the poems, will follow a particular theme, and I thought it might be interesting to introduce the poems […]

Pestilence of Words

Words, like crickets, leap from my mind – chirping pests whose trajectory eludes my dulled reflexes, scuttling around the periphery of my awareness. Harmless, really, in the singular; a cacophony in multitudes threatening to multiply further and rob me of this semblance of sanity. I must intuit their rhythm, define the notes in workable […]

Creativity or Insanity?

My oldest brother is a talented musician, who has been composing and recording works in his own studio for years. “I just can’t write lyrics worth a damn,” he once told me during a visit. “I write poetry,” I offered, “but have no musical aptitude.” “We should put your words […]

Give Your Dream a Title

Keeping a dream journal is more than just a diary for me, it is a way to connect with my inner self, make sense of the my sometimes garbled thought processes, and focus on what is important in the here and now.  It is also the inspiration for much of […]