What the Tree Told Me

Trees have stories to tell. I’m sure of it. I find my lens drawn to holes and broken places, wonder about the life that finds shelter there, wonder what the tree can teach me.

The art of creativity means setting aside the logical mind, listening to nuances, allowing the expression of the irrational. I let the ink translate the trunk’s image, resulting in the featured image.

Then I add colour.

(What the Tree Told Me is available on Society6.)

Creativity’s Alive

I hit a dry spell over the holidays. Felt deflated as far as creativity went. So Ric bought me new materials – ink pens, markers, pastels, and paper, lots of paper. Still, none of my photographs were inspiring me. I really wanted to create something from my own imagination, but have little faith in my ability.

So, I doodled vines. Over and over again, till the idea for the featured image came to my mind. Then, I thought of trees. I once loved sketching trees – why not try again. I got whimsical:

Now, I’m stuck on trees, and enjoying the ink so much:

Looks like trees are fulfilling my creative need for the time being.

(Submitted for Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt: alive. Look for my art on Redbubble, Society6, or Zazzle.)


The best openings are the one’s we carve for ourselves.

We spent New Year’s Eve reminiscing about eighteen years of togetherness. Stayed up past midnight, and talked about our future. Hope coloured our words.

Sculpting has been on my mind – not literally, but in the sense of chipping away at the outer facade to invite emergence.

Ric has shed fifty pounds of excess weight, and I am now joining him in that quest. We are entering this new decade with renewed vigour. There is much we still yearn to sample.

I’m lining up my tools, examining the material before me: changes lie ahead. Bit by bit, I will ply my craft, shed the excess, intuit the contours of this life I’m co-creating.

Emergence takes time, commitment, and a willingness to be open.

(Image taken from The Grand Trunk trestle. This town we have settled in stirs my impulse towards the creative. So grateful to be here. Hope it inspires you as much as it did me. I will be back Monday with a new weekly challenge.)

Inspiration Rekindled

Eight years now, I have been blogging. It has been a process of unfolding. In the beginning, I wrote for reflection, but as life changed, so did my need. I dug deeper and poetry emerged. I remember at one point telling my husband that I wished I could create my own images to pair with the poetry. In time, that wish materialized. I expanded to a second blog. Photography ignited a desire to paint.

The creative process doesn’t dry up, it looks for new avenues. It is a spider, creeping through dark places, seeking cracks, weaving inspired webs.

There is so much inspiration to be found here on the blogosphere. I am always uplifted by those who join in my weekly challenges. This week, our work was “kindle“. I’d say we are all on fire.

Thanks to:

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch
Reverie in Reverse
Reena Saxena
Sharing Thoughts
Stuff and what if…
one letter UP

See you tomorrow for a new challenge.

Doodle Blessings

To keep learning is a blessing. This week, I signed up for a sketching workshop, with no idea what to expect. Turns out we were learning the art of meditative doodling, trademarked as Zentangle.

The featured image I created in class. I thought it would be fun to do my granddaughter’s initial. This is where I’ve gotten to so far.

Ric immediately went out and bought me more pens, so the addiction is now full blown.

Inspired by the Seasons

Flowers are such an inspiring subject for creativity, likely due to their willingness to stand still. I continue to work with my photographs to create interesting designs. This is a quick and shameless reveal of recent works.

Peachy Roses Mug at Society6

These roses are from my garden. Roses connect me to my maternal Grandmother, who loved them and always smelled of rosewater.

Dust of Rose Trinket @ Zazzle.com
  • I gave these white roses a dusting of pink to create this elegant pattern. Zazzle has a line of gift ware as well as many other products.
Leaves Surrender to Autumn Hues @ Redbubble

In celebration of Fall colours, I’ve created this red on gold pattern. Art board pictured.

Thanks for humouring me.

For more, check out KnutsonKr8tions at Redbubble.com

KnutsonKreations at Society6.com

KnutsonKreations at Zazzle.com

Creativity Remains a Blessing

The child embraces creativity without limits. I have memories of tucking between my bed and the wall, hidden from view, surrounded by materials for drawing, writing, and colouring. I kept the chaos at bay with my creative endeavours.

Life happened, and the pencils and crayons disappeared. Journals remained, but only for private. Mundanity and routine replaced imagination.

Then illness struck and with dis-ability came time, and that inner urge to create re-emerged. A true blessing.

(Reena’s Exploration Challenge this week is quotations related to writing, creativity, or writer’s block.)

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #49: gadget

The first time Ric cooked dinner for me, he pulled out a tall, slender stainless steel pot with a glass lid and a basket inside. I’d never seen anything like it.

“What is that?”

“An asparagus pot!”

I haven’t stopped teasing him about it, being the pragmatic woman that I am.

I would soon discover that Ric is the king of gadgets.

“What’s that for?” is a common query from me when he comes home with new purchases. I don’t see the need for many of his ‘toys’, but that’s just my conditioning. I’m a ‘make-do’ person.

Then, the other morning I wanted to do something outside, but wasn’t sure how cold it was. Then I remembered that Ric has a device that tells the temperature, inside and outside – front and back. This was useful.

It got me to thinking: what other devices would make my life easier?

So, I thought I’d shake things up here, and offer something completely different. Tell (or show) me about those gadgets in your life, or better yet, put on your creative caps and invent something new.

To participate, create a post on your own site (or leave a note in the comments), and link back here.

Looking forward to your responses.

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #48: Compassion

Compassion becomes real when we recognize
our shared humanity.”

– Pema Chödrön.

As a young woman, I braced myself against the world by adhering to black and whites – a judgmental stance that was not conducive to relationship building. More self-protective than self-righteous, this attitude only served as a wall, confining me to loneliness.

Then in a strange moment of altered reality, I slipped into the experience of ‘other’ and the door to compassion opened. Heart-shattering, it marked not only the start of growing appreciation for the lived experience of others, but also a softening in my perception of self.

This week, as we navigate through routine, let’s be mindful of how compassion plays a role in our lives. Respond through images, or words, or whatever creative process speaks to you.

Look forward to your posts!

To participate just create a post on your own blog, link back to this one, or leave a comment below.