Spring, you bring such hope,
such delight – promised renewal…

And yet I feel the vulnerability
of all that is precious – how delicately
balanced the seasons, life cycles
both giving and subtracting –
a chain of birth and death.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: delicate

A Photo a Week: Delicate

Delicate is the spider’s web,
at least to the naked eye –
appearances deceive, though,
just ask an unfortunate fly.


The sighting of a butterfly,
splashing colour with flight –
opening and closing wings
spreading childlike delight.

delicate in mire

In the midst of swampy mire,
this delicate flower dares bloom;
a snow white pop of hope
to break the slimy gloom.


Most miraculous of all,
the beginning and end ages,
where life becomes precious –
the most delicate of stages.

(Thank you to Nancy Merrill for this Photo a Week Challenge: delicate)