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Curiosity is the Mind of a Child

“Grandma, you are just like my mom!” We are snuggled in against the cold night air, having a sleep over. “Well, I am your mom’s Mom.” “Yeah,” she says hugging me tighter, “she’s your kid!” At five, Sloane likes to explore connections, turning things over, understanding things from different angles.  […]

That Kid

I am that kid. First day of school, teacher proudly organized, in charge, forgets she is addressing humans not machines programmed to comply.  I cannot tolerate oppression: authority already overbearing in my life.  I am a pressure cooker, combustible, ready to explode, like an uncorked grenade counting down the seconds. […]

Dreaming Of Work

I dream that I am teaching again, have two classes:  a grade 9 Math first thing in the morning and a senior History last period.  I am late, so someone else has to start the Math class, and when I do arrive, I am unprepared and uncertain that I can […]


Cognitive functioning is currently down a notch.  (I know I’ve complained of this before, but bear with me – I think it merits understanding.) I found a recipe for Easy Lentil Curry on the blog:  Simple Vegan.  Since I love curries and lentils, I decided “easy” must mean it is […]

Educational Walls

I have this recurring dream that I am teaching a class, composed of adults and adolescents, which is spread out over three rooms.  Try as I might to build community through ice breaking activities, it is physically impossible to reach all the students at one time. I am reminded of […]

Autism, I’m Aware

Just finished listening to Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism by Ron Suskind.   Suskind, a Pulitzer prize-winning author, writes a very intriguing and enlightening memoir about parenting a child with Autism.  His son, Owen, once unable to speak, finds his voice and self through the magic of […]