Just For Fun

For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week: Just for fun.

Preferred Fashion

Age allots me the excuse to ignore fashion,
invites me to wear bright colours, dance

in offbeat shoes, wear hats of any flair,
and announce my mood in any given moment.

Yes, being a senior citizen is most freeing –
not unlike my childish kin.

(For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: fashion. Also submitting to V.J.’s weekly challenge: child/ childhood. Photo and hair credit for featured photo goes to my daughter Sylvie. )

A Dog Knows

A trip to the river never fails to surprise –
this dog with life-jacket caught my eyes.

Ready, he was, to set off downstream,
happily dependent on his human team.

(Lens-Artists have left their weekly challenge open – the perfect chance to share this sweet photo story with you.)

Tools! (CFFC)

Tucked away in the back of tiny yard, next to a parking lot, stands this neat little shed with all its tools lined up.  Couldn’t resist taking a picture.


My daughter gets credit for this photo, but I had to include it here.  Love the contrast between the princess shoes and the drill.

(Submitted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:  tools.)

Things People Drive (CFFC)

I once married a man, whose obsession with cars was equal to worship.  I think of our relationship – and all that was missing – when I see vehicles, who clearly take time and attention to keep on the road.

Model T?

That’s not to say I can’t appreciate a finely tuned antique vehicle, nor does it mean, as some might have suggested, that I’d rather be driving one of these….


(A little fun for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things people drive.)


CFFC: Pondering with Whimsy

It’s hard to decipher, when staring through glass
who is eyeing whom, is it me or the….bass?

And what happened to treasures left to rot
surely they held such dreams when first bought?


And if reincarnation is part of the deal,
where do I sign up to return as a seal?


I’d make friends with the whales, and play in the sea
wave at all the people, like this one did with me.


(Hope you enjoyed this ditty, brought to you via the inspiration of Cee at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week 2 – truck, mural, octopus, whale, blue, etc.)

The Light Fades

Light fades,
the sun’s optimism
giving way to darkness’ shadows
my eyes are drawn to hidden placesdarkspaces
warily seeking the source of this creeping sensation
what beasts inhabit crevices, what creatures lurk
and are these merely trees that loom over me

or the incarnation of trapped souls
taunting my passage?


(Written for All The Shoe’s I Wear’s prompt:  Mysterious)